4 Car Features That Come Standard on Benz for Kids

If you’ve ever driven a BENZ, chances are you’ve noticed the standard features that come in the car. Some of these include a backup camera, fog lights, and keyless entry. The one feature that you may not be aware of is the option to install a child booster seat.

Depending on your model and year of your vehicle, you may not need to purchase an additional car seat when installing one in your BENZ due to its safety features. And you are accessible to find the ride on BENZ cars meeting all realistic features at us.tobbi.com. For more information about 4 car features that come standard on BENZs for kids see this article. 

What BENZ models have the kids car seat option?

BENZ makes several models that have the car seat option. The BENZ 3-series has the car seat option in the sedan, wagon, convertible, and coupe. The BENZ 4-series has it in the coupe and convertible. The BENZ 5-series has the car seat option in the sedan, wagon, and touring. Like most car companies, the BENZ line is built with differing seat heights and angles for different types of passengers on the seats.

The car seat manufacturer BENZ can customize the angles and seat heights on their seat. This way you can come up with a little more padding that fits perfectly all of your child or pregnant woman. If you want to go even further if you are rear-facing that BENZ can make some custom rear bumpers instead. Another benefit of the car seat is the lowest risk of injury to your child on a car seat. Almost every car seat has some sort of harness to help your child hold on to if the seat belt isn’t strong enough to keep them in the car.

An airbag will deploy if the airbag is activated. When a child is riding in a car seat with a car seat belt, the potential for airbag deployment is low. This means your child can sit in the car safely without worrying about hitting anything. The car seat is something that is absolutely needed in order to protect your child from head injury. According to the BBC, the safest way to transport a child in a car is to have a child somehow restrained in the front seat, using a seat belt. If your baby is not safe to sit in the front seat then the car seat is the safest option to get the weight of the baby off the car seat. With a car seat you can move the safety belts out of the way and keep all of the weight of your baby in the car seat.

Why should you install a kids car seat in your child’s BENZ?

If you’re lucky enough to have your child rear-ended by a BENZ at the speed of 128 km/h, it’ll be an experience you won’t soon forget. But what if the BENZ has been equipped with something not so desirable? Or worse, an infant seat exemption. If your child is rear-ended, but wasn’t wearing a seat belt, they’ll be at higher risk for serious or even fatal injuries.

So when considering the purchase of a car seat for your child, some background is needed. I contacted a popular Canadian online car seat retailers, including Baby Trend and Moms R Us, and asked them how, where, and why car seats are installed in BENZ cars. It turns out that BENZ has been installing car seats since 2001. This has been a yearly, industry-wide practice, according to industry experts. However, about two or three years ago it did start to fall under more scrutiny. For the safety of the occupants, and because it was an Amazon (AMZN) company at the time, they began to mandate mandatory car seat safety equipment in all their vehicles.

This focus on safety extended to like the installation of all electrical components, including car seats. This led to the focus of a government-mandated safety standard which the BENZ team were required to meet or exceed. BENZ’s professional inspection team, which is known as the BENZ Car Seat Installers, inspects every car seat and ensures it’s compliant to the safety standard. However, it’s the consumer — not the BENZ team — who is ultimately responsible for ensuring the car seat is installed correctly. So there’s an important consequence of installing a car seat in a BENZ if your child’s seat isn’t properly fitted.

How do I know if my model has the kids car seat option?

The good news is that you can easily tell if your model has the car seat option. All you need to do is look at the stickers on the back of the car seat (if your car seat even has stickers). What does the “Yes, I have a car seat” wording mean on the sticker? The car seat must have at least one of the following: Well, if you’re still not convinced, maybe you’d like to take a closer look at these other words that are also printed on the back of the car seat sticker. I hope you’re getting the picture.

If your car seat has added the “Yes, I have a car seat” and “CARES” stickers, yes, it’s a car seat that will allow for car seats. Now that you know the basics, let’s go over what you need to know when purchasing a car seat. Before choosing a style of car seat, take a look at the publication recommended by your pediatrician or a CPSIA certified professional (I always check with the American Chiropractic Association), and make sure that their opinion is heard.

Remember, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a “bona fide medical indication” for every new developmental device. Prior to purchasing a car seat, you’ll also want to consider if your current car seat is properly to be used in the car seat that you’re purchasing. Your pediatrician is the expert in this matter, and they can help you determine whether the existing seat has improper fits, obvious discrepancies, and/or “safety concerns” (i.e., malfunctioning parts, weak points, etc.).

The only way you can be 100% sure there aren’t any issues with your current car seat is to take it to a qualified mechanic/authority before purchasing a new one. Also, contact your local car seat retailer (Cheaper2You in my area, Findaway Car Seats in Texas) to make sure they don’t have any similar issues.

Where can I find a list of features that come standard on my BENZ for kids car?

On the BENZ website, you can find a feature sheet that details all the standard features that come on your BENZ. It’s a great way to see all the standard features, and it’s a good starting point for additional options. M Berndts, RAMSblog: BENZ M6 owners, rejoice! You can spec your M6 with almost any option available, and according to BENZ, the safest, most capable and most comfortable M-Car ever. However, you can’t in all honesty call this the “full spec” package.

BENZ keeps its M-Car offering more than just the standard package on offer, even if it comes with a few obvious options you can’t really do much about. If you come from other BENZs, you will be somewhat familiar with this controller. It worked optimally on the BENZ 3 Series and is the same basic system as that used in the BENZ 8 Series / BENZ 9 Series. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that BENZ decided to refresh this controller and release the much loved M Shift Controller.

This controller is the brainchild of Dr. Ulrich Obrist, a motorsports engineer who has a long and sordid history with BENZ. In 2001, Obrist created a steering wheel steering system which enabled real time communication between the various electronic systems on the cars. This technology enabled the cars to know about what was going on in the driver’s seat and allowed them to update themselves as needed, which in the end made BENZ cars the most reliable in the industry. In 2009, Dr. Obrist tried to bring the same technology to other electronic components on the car to allow communication between various systems and in the process creating an even more complex and bespoke controller. With this process, he wanted to create an ECU (Electronic Control Unit), ECU is the brains of the car that relays information to various electronic systems in the car.

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