5 Tips To Shoot Awesome in Studio Portraits ( Studio Rental)

Are your studio portraits not producing the results you want? RH Studio offers studio rentals in Hong Kong. They have extensive experience in portrait photography and can help you capture exceptional shots. Lets 5 Tips To Shoot Awesome in Studio Portraits.

The Right Shutter Speed


Handholding your camera is a good idea. Make sure the shutter speed doesn’t shake.


If you’re not sure, the general rule is to never use a shutter speed slower than the focal length of your lenses.


For example, if your 50 mm lens is being used, don’t set your shutter speed lower than 1/60.


You can choose to use a flash or an ambient light that has a strong effect.


If you want your final image to include both ambient light and flashlight, slow down the shutter speed (usually 1/250), and drag the shutter.


Slower shutter speeds allow ambient light to mix with flashlights. You can capture only the flashlight by setting a shutter speed closer to your flash’s synchronization rate.


The Best Aperture for Portraits


Start by turning off your camera, then resetting all controls. 5 Tips To Shoot Awesome in Studio Portraits.


If the object that you are shooting is larger than 85mm and you don’t want to achieve shallow depth of field then you can try f/5.6.


Here, or at f/8, lenses are sharpest. Also, it is possible to focus sharply from the subject’s nose to their ears.


Strobe lighting is ideal for commercial portraits. This allows you to use the full range of film speeds (ISO) when shooting.


To maximize picture quality and minimize noise, set your ISO to the lowest setting.


Setup Go-To Lighting for Full-Length Portraits

For even lighting coverage, use large light modifiers or softboxes that are at least a distance from the subject.

To achieve an even distribution of light in front, a softbox 4×6 feet can be used. A secondary source behind the subject will highlight edges and provide some highlights.


Make the Most of Umbrellas (Studio Rental)


Silver lining umbrellas reflect more light than white umbrellas.


Silver umbrellas have the greatest advantage: they produce more light with less electricity.


You want more contrast? You want more contrast?


Practice the Following Tips Regularly.


You have a few options to get some practice.


You can now find a self timer mode on most cameras today. This allows you to experiment and shoot as many photos as you like.


This is a great way to make your ideas more tangible.


You will need a light stand to place at the desired spot. Once you have locked focus, turn on manual focus and walk to the location of the light stand.


Next, go to the light stand to take a test shot. Once you have your focus set, you can place a spot on ground to get repeatable focus.


An alternative to using the self-timer, you can use a long cable and a wireless remote to trigger your camera.


This is easier and more convenient. You can also take multiple shots at once before you go to the camera to see what you have.


A used mannequin can be purchased as a model for a low price and you can dress it up to make it look like your model.

No one tell you 5 Tips To Shoot Awesome in Studio Portraits.

Bonus! Avoid clothing conflicts


If the client’s dress is too clashing with the background and she doesn’t have another pair, it is best to switch to a different style or color of backdrop.

It is important to have a conversation with clients prior to their appointments, and to really discuss what they plan to wear.


It is possible to prevent frustration by helping them identify which colors are flattering or slimming.


Ask clients to use subdued colors, such as a grey knit shirt with a crew neck and a collar.


This will allow the viewer to focus on their face (the main part!) This will allow the viewer to focus on their face (the main part!) and prevent photographs from quickly becoming outdated.


You now have some great tips for improving your portrait photography in the studio. It’s time to start practicing.


As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”


You can rent a studio in Hong Kong to practice professional photography. Father George Rutler was the Author of this content.


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