7 Ingenious Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

We all know that lights are an integral part of a home, especially for the time after sunset. As a homeowner, you always try to make your home visible to all who reside in your neighbouring areas and coms to see you at home. You want to do it so that no one could have issues while indicating or explaining your home address. And lighting plays a crucial role here. However, some of you might find lighting your home hard for yourself. Here are some useful home lighting ideas for your assistance:

1. Have a proper lighting plan

Like other areas, home lighting needs a plan. A proper home lighting plan works as  a guide when you start moving forward in your home lighting. If made well, it will guide you what you should do, what lights you should buy, and allied others. With it, you will find lighting your home more comfortable for you. So, have a home lighting plan to make your efforts, money, and time worth for you.   

2. Know your light requirements

In your home, every space is different from another one. Maybe a few rooms of your home might need light during the day too. So, you have to take a close watch of each space at your abode to find out which area is dark and which one is bright. The front part of your home is brighter than all other parts of your home. You need to keep it in mind while enquiring the lighting needs.

3. Measure the space

Size is everything when it comes to lighting a space at home or in a business setup. To know the exact number of ceiling lights, outdoor wall lights, or floor lamps, you must know the length and width of the space that could be your bedroom, dining hall, staircase, or living room. For instance, a room will be of 12 square meters if it is 4 by 3 meters. For such a space, you need light in 300 watts. On this base, you can easily calculate the required lights.

4. Be familiar with the available lighting style

In the contemporary world, you can come across numerous lighting styles. Some of them could be traditional a lot while others could be ultra modern. Usually, lights are available in styles like contemporary, Victorian, modern, traditional, retro, decorative, scandinavian, and mid-century. You need to focus on your home theme while selecting a lighting style. Based on your taste and choice, you can go with a particular lighting style or opt for a mix of all the available lighting styles.

5. Utilise all the three lighting types

In today’s world, you can come across three types of lighting – general, ambient, and task. General lighting produces ideal illumination in a room for daily usage while ambient lighting helps you highlight structures and objects while offering decorative illumination. The last one, task lighting refers to the lighting done for a specific purpose like reading a book and watching a movie/game on a big screen.

6. Be ready for installing extra lighting

Generally, most people go with general lighting at their home. And for this, they keep themselves limited to ceiling lights or wall lamps. As a conscious homeowner, you shouldn’t limit yourself only to general lighting. Always be ready for placing floor lamps or installing wall lights if you notice your existing lighting is not enough to brighten up a space in your home.

7. Value flexibility in your home lighting

Different spaces need different levels of light for aesthetic and practical reasons. So, it is crucial for you to think of the purpose of the use of a particular space in your home. Installing lights on a 5 amp circuit is an excellent idea. It allows you to control all your table, wall, and ceiling lamps with a single switch. You desire to have a lighting option in a room that you can use differently based on the time of a day or year. In simple words, you should opt for sensor lighting if you really want to save energy in your sleep hours at night. 


Lighting a home well depends on a lot of things, from planning to shopping lights and implementation. You can get in touch with an expert if you think that the ideas mentioned above are not suitable for lighting your home.

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