A Step by Step Understanding About Aries Birthstone

If you are Aries and you have keen interest in acquiring knowledge about the Aries Birthstone, this article is milestone for you to know the potential attributes of the stone.

Aries always have date of birth in range 20 March to 19 April. Never ignore sign and element of the Aries Birthstone personalities that are RAM and Fire. The animal RAM has a lot of energy in its head and often it uses its head for safety and attacking intentions. But in case of human beings, we can guess that Aries are acumen. They use their optimized brain potentials to have high achievements in life.

Meaning of Aries Birthstone

Aries Birthstone is diamond, a transparent and the hardest stone in the world. This gemstone is used for self beautification as well as for industrial areas. In medical science it plays vital role to cure the various disease in powdered form.

Aries Birthstone Flower

Honeysuckle is the official flower for Aries. It owns a sweet fragrance. It is a tabular shape flower that grows in pairs.  This flower has 180 species of ornamental shrubs.

Aries Birthstone Color

Like other gemstone, this stone also exists in various colors in mineral form. The most attractive and valued jewel is white. White or colorless diamond is most prized stone across the world. Despite this color, it is also found in red, blue, green, pink, violet and black colors.

Uses of Diamond in Diverse Areas

This stone is used in various industries. Its use and role in multiple areas is discussed below:

  • This stone is at 10 hardness Moh scale. Because of this reason it is used in the industry for cutting and polishing purposes.  It is best natural source for drilling and grinding tools.
  • It is also used in loud speakers, to have quality sound.
  • In aesthetic industry, it is used to cure the facial wrinkles. It is recommended remedy to reduce the aging effects on the visible areas of the body.
  • Now a lot of research is continued to use the diamond, an alternative to the silicon in the electronic industry.
  • Today nanodiamonds are the best tools to check the effectiveness of the cancer drugs.

Attributes of Aries Birthstone

We can estimate the value of the jewel in the market by keeping in view some verified factors that are explained below:

  • Diamond is a physical quality. It has a weight that is measured in Carat.  This measuring unit is graduated into 100 equal points. The price of the diamond in the market is estimated by the weight of the jewel. If a stone is sole pointless in weight, definitely its price will reduce. Keep in mind that the weight and size of the stone are two diverse entities.
  • The color of the gemstone is another factor that is influencing the price of the jewel. White diamond has the highest price in the market as compared to the other colors of the stone.
  • Clarity is another core factor affecting the price of the diamond. A stone that is without any birthmark is very rare in the market. It is also called an ideal diamond.
  • A diamond with an ideal Cut is prized high in the market. Because of a Cut a diamond sparkles.

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