How Can Amazon Virtual Assistant Services Increase Your Business?

Amazon virtual assistant services provide remote support to your Amazon business. You can hire their services on a part-time, full-time, contractual, or per-task basis. A VA performs different tasks from content creation to product sourcing and take care of many different responsibilities. 

This blog post aims to help AMZ e-store owners find and hire the top Amazon virtual assistant services to get the most utility. 

Is It OK to Hire a VA? 

It depends on your specific requirements. Ecommerce entrepreneurs who feel bogged down because of their unending tasks as an obstacle to their progress may find their services pretty useful. If you are an entrepreneur stuck in repetitive administrative tasks, consider hiring a VA. 

The shortlisting and recruitment of Amazon virtual assistants can be time-consuming. However, if you spend this time well, your business can reap significant productivity, efficiency, and convenience benefits. 

What Tasks Can a VA Perform? 

Consider outsourcing the most mundane tasks that take a toll on your family life or business planning. Free yourself up from tasks that are repetitive and negatively impact your productivity. Make a list of things that you can outsource to Amazon virtual assistant services. 

You need to outsource any task you have to work on for more than half an hour every week. Monitor the amount of time you spend on such tasks to assess the situation. Make a list of to-do items you think a VA can handle better. This small exercise will help you free up a lot of time for yourself and your family. 

Typical VA Tasks to Consider Outsourcing

Here are a few tasks that a VA can perform for your Amazon business. 

Customer Support

An Amazon FBA virtual assistant specializes in customer service to assist you in communicating via messages and emails. VAs tend to be customer-centric and focus exclusively on reviews. For on-boarding, orient them with specific sections and tools within the Amazon Seller Central. 

Content Writing Tasks

Amazon virtual assistant services help with content writing for blogs. They also assist with e-books and product listing keyword optimization. VA helps build a brand while understanding the specific target market needs. 

Optimize Sponsored Ads

When you want to run a PPC campaign on the product listing to make it stand out, you need to optimize the adverts. VAs have the expertise in launching private label brands and bringing the initial traffic via paid ads. They focus on increasing the initial BSR of a product listing by running PPC campaigns. 

Search Engine Optimization 

VAs optimize your product listings using the most relevant keywords. They know which keywords to operate within the listing and at the backend. They have experience working with keywords to bring organic traffic to your product listings. Besides, they also perform tasks related to social media posts and product listings and focus on getting more traffic to your listing. 

Social Media Management

You can hire a VA who is a specialist for the role of social media management. They know how to maximize traffic using your social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These VAs proactively manage your brand’s presence on social media to answer queries, tackle complaints and take suggestions. 

Sourcing Products

A sourcing virtual assistant helps you find high-quality products at lower prices. They research suitable suppliers by using different software. These VAs negotiate on your behalf to get the best deals and add to your profit margins. They have connections in China and other countries with product sourcing options to help you with onsite or offsite product sourcing. 

Above are some of the tasks that you can ask your Amazon virtual assistant services to perform. There can be many other tasks when hiring a VA like inventory adjustments, pricing, fulfillment, and shipment reconciliation. 

Best VA Hiring Tips 

Plan Ahead List down the tasks that you want your virtual assistant to perform for you. Make sure that you do not miss anything important. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • The instructions that you are going to give to them. 
  • The duration for which you will work with them. 
  • The compensation that you would pay to them for their work. 
  • The software or tools they may require and any other ways you need to facilitate them. 

Know what tasks you expect your virtual assistant for Amazon to do. Create processes before you assign them any tasks. Outsource tasks that you struggle to perform or the ones that take too much of your time. Always give feedback to manage better workflow. 

  1. Hiring Amazon Virtual Assistant Services 

There are many places in the world where you can hire VAs. The top countries you can consider for hiring virtual assistants include the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. You can find the best Amazon virtual assistant providers in these countries at lower wages. 

  1. Use A Generic Job Description Template

Try to keep the job straightforward. Do not include too many details about each task you want your VA to perform. This approach lets you attract a wider talent pool for a VA position. A generic job description gives you candidates who know a bit of everything. You can train these individuals as per your requirements. 

Steps for Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Step 1: Create a Job Description & Select a Candidate

The first step is to create a job description while keeping in mind Amazon virtual assistant services you require. Add some text to ensure that those who did not read your text don’t qualify based on their answers. 

Create a questionnaire (consider Google Forms) for the hiring process and add information that can help you test the applicants’ ability. Sometimes, creating a video to outline the job can also help. Shortlist the applicant as per their test results.

Step 2: Conduct Job Interview 

Once you shortlist every potential candidate for a virtual assistant for Amazon FBA, you can conduct Skype interviews. Check that they have a reliable internet connection and want to perform the job as per your requirements. Also, try to gauge the personality of the individual you wish to hire to see if they are a good fit for the team. 

Step 2: Train Your VA

The training can be of different types, as discussed above, and the kind of tasks you can expect when hiring Amazon virtual assistant services

You can train your VA by yourself or hire some private training. Or best, if you can employ a pre-trained VA who can help you perform the different tasks. 

When you train yourself, you don’t need to pay any money. When you hire a trainer, you pay them a fee. The challenge with hiring a pre-trained VA is that you may have to pay extra money for their experience. 

If you choose to train your Amazon seller virtual assistant yourself, you can use the different online communication tools like Skype or Zoom for feedback and communications. 

Step 3: Manage Your VA


The payment option varies, depending on the country in which your VA resides. Mostly, Payoneer and Transferwise work just fine. Decide a payment frequency to reduce the fees paid on each transaction while also keeping your VA happy. 

Customs, Traditions and Holidays

When hiring Amazon virtual assistant services, be aware of the customs, traditions of your VA. You can check your Google calendar to see the annual holidays based on your VA’s location. 

Don’t Assume Anything When Communicating.

To avoid misunderstanding, often communicate and get feedback. The VA may take more time than you expect to understand what you are trying to teach them. An expert Amazon virtual assistant likes to know if they are performing their tasks correctly or need to make any changes. 

Always Give Feedback 

Always keep in touch with your team. Ask questions if there is something you do not understand. Try not to criticize too harshly. If there is negative feedback, give it in private. However, if you want to praise your VAs, always do when the entire team is present. 

Tracking Time 

There are many ways to track time. You can use different time tracking software available in the market to ensure your Amazon virtual assistant services charge for the actual number of hours worked. 


When getting professional Amazon virtual assistant services, you need to be aware of many challenges. It takes a lot of time for your team to grow. However, it would be best to be persistent and patient in only hiring the candidates who best know the job. If you are new to hiring a VA, start by hiring someone for the basic administrative tasks before hiring someone for more advanced responsibilities. 

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