An Increasingly Beautiful Lifestyle

Pay attention to sleep, diet, and health, and no beauty has lazy and indulgent life.

  • Drink a lot of water

Not only to drink enough water but also to pay attention to the method. Chinese medicine doctor Le Yingru pointed out that the correct way to drink water is to drink it bit by bit, and the water will slowly enter the body to help the body’s cells metabolize. It will shorten the time the water stays in the body, and it will not be long before I want to run the toilet.

  • Don’t stay up late and sleep well

The night is the time for skin to absorb nutrients and metabolism. Collagen and antioxidant mechanisms work to repair skin damage during the day. Therefore, maintain normal work and rest, sleep for 8 hours a day, and relax to sleep to ensure good sleep quality, full of energy the next day, and supple skin.

  • Avoid cold food in the morning

Early in the morning, my body functions are just waking up, and eating cold food will consume the energy that the body is about to gain momentum. Therefore, it is best to change to ice lunch, sashimi, and even energy soup to eat at noon to avoid affecting metabolism. Eat warm cooked food as much as possible in the morning, which is good for health and beauty.

Nutrients That Must Be Strengthened With Age

Nutritionist Xu Yunqing recommends several indispensable key nutrients for different ages under the premise of a balanced diet.

Under 30 years old: Vitamin B2, B6

Vitamin B2 can reduce oil secretion and help protein metabolism, B6 can relieve anxiety, calm nerves, and relieve external stimulation.

Suggested foods: lean meat, eggs, dark green vegetables, bananas, peanuts.

30~40 years old: collagen, Vitamin A

Vitamin A can maintain the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes, making it difficult for bacteria to invade, to improve the skin’s moisturization, and avoid skin keratinization; collagen has a moisturizing effect, making the skin smooth and elastic.

Suggested foods: milk, fish, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, papaya.

4050 years old: Vitamin E, Vitamin C

Vitamin E can promote peripheral blood circulation, anti-oxidation, and keep the cell membrane intact. It can regulate the immune response in the body and reduce the generation of age spots. Vitamin C can whiten, lighten spots, improve skin defense, and help collagen synthesis.

Suggested food: stone fruits, germs, corn, sunflower seeds, green vegetables.

50 years old and above: soybean isoflavone, folic acid

Soy isoflavones are estrogen itself, supplementing estrogen can promote cell renewal, collagen formation, make skin delicate, and have an anti-aging effect. If you don’t ingest it enough, your complexion will be slightly darker and your skin will be dull.

Suggested food: green vegetables, lean meat, soy products such as tofu, soy milk.

Three Key Periods Of Strengthening Childcare

Chinese medicine doctor Le Yingru believes that if a woman wants to maintain her youthful beauty and ruddy complexion, she should first focus on the smooth blood flow throughout her body. There are three stages—puberty, pregnancy, and menopause.

  • Puberty

If adolescent girls are particularly pale before and after menstruation or suffer from menstrual pain, it is recommended that people with the cold constitution (fear of cold, pale face) take blood-enriching Siwu Tang or lieutenant soup after menstruation, and hot constitution (body temperature People with high, often dry mouth), it is recommended to eat Liuwei Dihuang pills after the end of red discharge. If acne or symptoms are difficult to classify as cold or hot, it is recommended to seek medical treatment, so as not to make up for the mistakes but hurt your body.

  • Pregnancy

Women will lose a lot of nutrients every time they are finished. They will also be particularly exhausted because they take care of their children, housework, and work like a gyro. They should strengthen the qi and blood, relieve the liver

  • Menopause

At this time, women’s kidney qi began to decline, so they mainly nourished the kidneys. They could eat yam, cornus, and cinnamon. The prescription recommends Liuweidihuang pills, and then according to the doctor’s recommendations, dodder, wolfberry, privet.

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