Be Careful with The Car Battery! Check it Out Before Winter Comes

The car battery is an essential element of the vehicle, since it is the source of energy that ensures that the engine and electrical systems work. As the Race explains, if the battery status is not adequate, it could endanger our safety at the wheel. For this reason, it is very important to maintain this part well, especially in the winter, since the outside temperature has a considerable influence on its performance and cold climates can cause it to stop working.

To drive with maximum safety during the cold autumn and winter months, it is essential to go to a workshop to carry out a thorough inspection of our car and its tune-up. During the review, it is important that they inspect the battery of our vehicle to verify in what condition it is and if it is necessary to change it for a new one.


If we are not going to use the car for a while, the Race advises to disconnect the vehicle’s battery to avoid possible problems in the future, since even if the vehicle is stationary, it consumes electricity, which means that the battery can slowly discharge.

Disconnecting the battery is very easy. To do this, only the battery terminals must be disconnected. First the negative terminal that corresponds to the black cable and then the positive terminal, which is that of the red cable.

On the other hand, to keep the car battery in perfect condition during cold months, it is advisable to store the vehicle in a garage. In case of not having a garage, we can cover the engine compartment, under the hood, with a thick blanket. If you want to buy used car in Japan or anywhere than you need to take more focusing about your battery’s health


To know what type of battery our car equips and its characteristics, we must consult the vehicle’s maintenance book. It is important to bear in mind that under no circumstances should we replace the battery with another with less performance than those recommended by the manufacturer. We must also take into account the size of the part, since the space of some cars for placing the battery is reduced.


As a general rule, a car battery usually lasts between three and five years, although it will last more or less depending on how we use the vehicle. It will not last the same if we use the car only for short trips within the city, as if we spend many hours behind the wheel. On the other hand, as we have commented before, the outside temperature and the maintenance we give it also affect the battery life.


First, we must place the black cable on the negative terminal of the battery. Next, we must place the other end of the clamp on the black terminal of the other vehicle that will transmit the energy to ours. Then, we will carry out the same procedure with the red cable, connecting the positive terminals of both cars. Finally, we will start the car whose battery is working correctly and then we will turn the key of the car to be started. The latter should light up without any problem.

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