Best of Street Food in Mumbai

When it comes to food, Mumbaikars carry street food in their heart. With so many variations and unique food items available on every corner, it is impossible for anyone to not like street food. Whether you are a professional or a student, your breaks are often spent at the nearest food stall. It could be as simple as chai and vada pav. So I am going to list down some of the best street food places that you should visit if you live in Mumbai.

Kheema Pav at Gulshan-e-Iran, Crawford Market

Known best for its extremely delicious Mughlai specialties at maddeningly low prices, the most effective food items to undertake at Gulshan-e-Iran range from their Kheema pav, to the chicken tikka masala, Garlic Naan. And for desserts Rabdi Kulfi and Firni. It’s beautiful how after a full stomach you’ll provoke the bill and wonder how it’s not crossing the thousand unit mark. Not even close. Gulshan-e-Iran is a few of the most effective street foods in Mumbai and maybe a must-visit.

White Biryani at Noor Mohammadi, Bhendi Bazaar

This street is home to a number of the simplest street food places in Mumbai. Ramadan is the most appropriate time to go to Mohammad Ali road. Around this time, you might actually get to spot some Bollywood stars on those streets and try out the delicious food beside you. But you might actually be too busy with the food to notice them.

Strawberry and Cream (Seasonal) at Bachelor’s, Charni Road

Even though the strawberry and cream are on the marginally expensive side, it’s totally worthwhile. The cream is fresh, the strawberries are fresher and you simply cannot get enough of the delicacy. There are more options like thick shakes, other fruit creams, and ice creams. Late Nighters swear by the Mumbai Street Food special that’s Bachelorr’s!

Ice Cream Sandwich/Biscuit at K. Rustom, Churchgate

The ice cream that you will once try will surely make you revisit to try other delectable and distinctive flavors. They have many flavors ranging from coffee to paan. They serve it with thin wafer biscuits on both sides making it an ice cream sandwich. One among the foremost legendary frozen dessert parlors of Mumbai, K Rustom has been serving many happy customers each day and its fans just keep increasing! A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without hopping to K Rustom- the oldest ice cream shop in Mumbai.

Rajesh Corn Corner

Serving the superb quality of corn, they need to gain quite a popularity among the Mumbaikars. They create over 100 flavors of corn and baby corn. Their menu is only dedicated to corn and corn lovers. Also, the menu is obtainable in Jain alternatives in order that nobody misses the bent taste of their delicious flavours of corn. Try corn flavours like never before!!!

Pav Bhaji at Amar Juice Center, Vile Parle

Craving for Pav Bhaji and also want to travel easily in your pocket? Your answer to the present question is going to be Yes. Visit Amar Juice Center. you’ll be able to have over 15 sorts of Pav Bhaji including Cheese Pav Bhaji, Amar Special Pav Bhaji.

Raju Sandwich near KC College, Churchgate

Raju Sandwich Stall may be a small shop near HR and KC college which is legendary among youngsters for its Sandwiches, Pizza, Rolls and lots of more. It’s an affordable stall with quick bites and a novel taste. Ask any student from HR and KC college about this place and they gladly tell you all about it.

Malai Kulfi at Kapoor Kulfi, Marine Lines Station

When you’re searching for the most effective Kulfi in town among all the alternatives offered to you, look no further than Kapoor’s Kulfi at Marine lines. The Kulfi incorporates a texture that’s the thing that may cause you to visit them again and again.

Kung Pao Potatoes, Mexican and Asian Dishes at Kurries and Burries, Girgaum Chowpatty

Kurries and Burries may be a relatively new Cafe at the Girgaum Chowpatty that’s a favorite among the scholars of The Wilson College. The actual fact that it serves pure Vegetarian food isn’t a disappointment the least bit due to the way they craft their food. A joint that serves a pleasant blend of Asian food to all or any kind, it also has Mexican food and desserts. Worth a visit!

Parsi Cuisine at Kyaani and Co.

Kyaani & Co has now become the go-to place when nobody knows where to eat. an ideal day at Kyaani includes some bun maska, some glasses of Chai, desserts, and drooling at the baked goodies. And Jujubes, oh my food, Jujubes! (Jelly candies covered in sugar)

Bademiya’s Rolls

This Mumbai street food corner located in Colaba is extremely famous all over Mumbai and needs no further introduction. Bademiya is an excellent place if you’re looking to satisfy your late-night cravings. Though you may wait for a touch before getting a table, the food here makes it well worth the while.

Bun Maska at Qutuz (Stays Open All Night)

A savior for people who stay in Malad,, Qutus is an Iranian joint that is open all night and serves  Irani chai and Maska pav that people love to munch all the time. Qutuz is near Infiniti Mall, Malad, and is one in all the most effective places in Mumbai for Street food.

Samosas at 5 am, Mumbai Local Train

Not a standard thing to write down in a very list, these samosas sold by homemakers who sell it within the trains during hour are a number of the most effective. They don’t provide you with chutney but the samosas are very cheap at around Rs 15 for two. This will keep you satiated for the following two hours without a doubt. Many people get these to get through the long train journeys. Other snacks like Poha, vadapav, pakodas, and bhajis also come around and you’ve got a good variety to decide on from. Dig deep, and it’s a Mumbai street food delight hard to ignore! If this list doesn’t make your mouth water then we do not know what is going on. The road food in Mumbai could be a melting pot of the many cultures and even today continues to amaze locals and tourists alike.

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