Block Instagram DM Dismiss Message Requests

Instagram continues to surprise us every day and comes up with new features. The main purpose of all innovations is to make the users happy and to offer a more comfortable usage area. Thus, people continue to use the Instagram application for a long time without getting bored. With the addition of the DM feature to its features, changes began to occur in their goals. While it is only used for monitoring and sharing purposes, today people actively use this feature thanks to the DM option. Is everything okay, but that’s okay? Besides the advantages of the DM feature, there may also be disadvantages. You may be wondering how to do this to block Instagram DM shutdown messages. You can find everything about Post blocking in our blog post.

What is blocking Instagram DM closing messages? How to block Instagram DM closing messages? How to block individual messages without Instagram DM closing messages? We will find answers to all your questions together. First, let’s get into the subject by giving theoretical information, then let’s answer in detail what you need to do. More ‘ever if your Instagram user then you need to gain more information about Instagram and how to get more followers on Instagram.

What is Instagram DM?

Instagram continues to add new features, new ones. While it was used only for sharing and tracking when it was first introduced, different areas of use were opened with new features. We can call Instagram DM a direct message. Messages from Instagram are called this way. This area can have advantages as well as disadvantages. If you receive messages from people you do not want, a disturbing scene may occur. Now that you understand what the Instagram DM section is, we can move on to how to block messages both individually and globally.

Close Instagram DM, Prevent Message Incoming

The Instagram DM section is extremely important to users. Even if you generally like to use it, you might be annoyed by some people texting. You will be able to block operations on the profile of the person you do not want. For this, it would not be very logical to close the message part completely. It is possible to block the person who bothered you by sending a message. When you block it, it cannot both see your profile and send you a message again. In this way, you will have the chance to get rid of the situation you are uncomfortable with without completely closing the message area. Step by step, blocking individual messages:

First, log into your Instagram account. Come to the profile of the person you don’t want to send a message to. There is an icon in the form of three dots in the upper right corner of the profile. Click on this icon.

There are different commands you can do for this account on the screen that appears. Since we want to block this person, we continue the process by saying block. After saying block, that’s it! You blocked the other person. Until you unblock it, it will not be able to see your profile and reach you in any way. That way, you don’t have to endure receiving messages from someone you don’t want.

You have learned how to block someone individually during the Instagram DM blocking process. If you are uncomfortable with just a few people texting and reaching you, this method will be much more functional than the other. However, if you don’t want to receive messages from anyone, you won’t be able to deal with this blocking method. Using our second method, you can prevent people from texting in general.

Preventing Instagram DM Closing Messages General

To prevent messages from only a few people, the method of blocking the account is extremely useful. However, if you don’t want to receive messages from anyone, it will be difficult to block individual contacts. Also, if you block them, they won’t follow you and won’t see you again until you unblock them. In this case, you will have no followers left. Now let’s tell you about the second method. Instagram DM shuts down blocking message scene:

Sign in to your Instagram account. Click on the icon in the form of three lines in the upper right corner by entering the area of ​​your profile. Different options will open here. Click on the settings section that appears at the bottom of the screen that appears. (Gear wheel-like icon)

There is a notifications area on the screen that appears. There are different notification areas you can set in notifications.

We continue the process by clicking on the option that says “direct message” on this screen.

When you click on the direct message, there are two options in the messages section. You can manage incoming messages by saying closed or open. If you want to block incoming messages, save them by selecting the off option in this section. If you wish, you can manage other notification settings for the message section from here. So much.

As you can see, by following a few steps, you fixed the problem. It’s that simple. After that, nobody will be able to send you a message. If you want him to send a message, you can change the offsetting to on by repeating the same steps. If you change this to On, you will continue to receive messages in the same way.


In this article, Instagram DM closing blocking incoming messages are clear, Instagram prevents the shutdown message DM come to have found the answer in detail how-to questions. Since we’ve been talking about the steps, you know what to do when you have such a request.

I hope our article has been useful for those who want to get information on this subject. Take care until our next article. Also click here to buy Instagram followers:

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