Why Choose IAS As Your Dream Career?

becoming an IAS, IPS or IFS officer

After graduation, most of the candidates choose the Indian Civil Services as a good career option. It is considered as one of the premier services paving the way for becoming an IAS, IPS or IFS officer.

Unlike any private job or business that is limited to the organization you work for, civil services allow you to work for the country and its citizens.

Civil Services offers a lucrative and challenging career to aspiring students with a wide variety of jobs under the purview of the commission. 

Even more, services have a relatively greater area of ​​authority and power than any other services in India and this is the reason why more and more students prefer IAS as their dream career.

Also, many amazing benefits are included in it like- one can get in terms of prestige, platform to serve the country, job security, good salary package, opportunity to visit abroad, job satisfaction etc. 

Moreover, civil servants in a way decide the fate of the nation with them in the form of implementation of all developmental and other government policies. 

Also, You can check and download the UPSC exam Optional subject syllabus. And IAS previous year question paper to boost your preparation.

Still questioning “why do you choose IAS as your dream career?”

Read this article for comprehensive knowledge.

Use IAS post for the betterment of the country

The candidates who are shortlisted for the IAS post can use the authority to bring about the positive change desired by you. 

They get a lifetime opportunity to eradicate corruption and ensure justice to all. If we talk about prestige and honor then it is the most prestigious and respectable job of India as it provides opportunity to fulfill personal ambition as well as get involved in social welfare.

Selection process for the IAS post

The selection process for IAS civil servants is rigorous and only a handful are selected out of hundreds and thousands of candidates every year. 

All the students have to go through the shortlisting process – Prelims, Mains and Interview to get selected as an IAS officer.

Anyone looking for job opportunities in civil services should know, there are different types of work associated with civil services, such as maintenance of law and order, administration, disaster management, development work, representation of India in international forums. upliftment and empowerment of the marginalized sections of the society, etc.

Choose IAS as your dream career? But know the reason first!

When it comes to career options, IAS has always been considered as one of the best options. 

You can know the important aspects and reasons to choose IAS as your dream career which is mentioned below.

1. Good authority and respect 

As human beings, we like to hold a position which is looked upon by the entire nation. The authority, power and respect that you get with a career in IAS officers is unmatched. 

This is the reason why people consider this position as the most respected career ever in the entire country.

2. Job Security Opportunities 

There is a deep sense of job security in the civil services as an IAS officer cannot be fired easily.

Once, If you are selected, an IAS officer serves till the age of 60 and it is possible to get an extension.

As a civil servant you not only get job security but this position also gives you immense job satisfaction as you finally get the satisfaction of being able to do something meaningful for the society.

3. Great Pay Scale 

As far as the salary package of an IAS is concerned, the 7th Pay Commission has brought the salary of civil servants as per the government policy rules. 

According to the decision of the commission, the IAS officer is likely to get an average pay scale of Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000+ on a monthly basis. 

Also the facilities and power provided to an officer with a great pay scale are excellent.

4. Power with Policy-Making Responsibilities

A remarkable thing about IAS is that it provides an opportunity to contribute effectively in the policy making process of the country. 

Talented people also get a chance to represent the nation in world forums and forums. Being an IAS officer is endowed with many unmatched powers like taking action against unwanted and anti-social activities..

A person who wants to bring about a positive social change must try to crack the IAS exam.

Every IAS officer is given the power to fulfill certain common responsibilities:

For example:- To manage government affairs and infrastructure, process of implementation of government policies, Funds for implementation of policies and maintenance and upkeep of government infrastructure, Ensure zero irregularities in fund management,

Important steps to clear IAS Exam

It’s very important that you need the right preparation strategy to clear UPSC in the first attempt.

But “How can you clear UPSC?”.

  1. The IAS Exam syllabus is huge, it’s difficult to cover in few days. If Do not delay your preparation by looking at the syllabus, you are not going to get success in the UPSC Prelims exam like this.
  2. Follow exam pattern and syllabus.
  3. Choosing a wrong optional subject is a very common mistake to failure in IAS Exam. 
  4. Lack of conceptual understanding of all subjects. avoid cramming and understand the concept of topics. 
  5. one must have conceptual knowledge to crack IAS Mains exam and NCERT book is best for that. 
  6. Practice IAS exam previous year question papers to get an idea about types of questions asked in civil services exams.
  7. Proper planning and guidance help you to clear the IAS exam during preparation.
  8. Make daily notes to help in improving writing and quick revision in the last preparation time.

Frequently asked question

Question: Is the UPSC(IAS) interview difficult?

Ans. In the IAS interview panel consists of eminent personalities from various fields and is led  by a chairman. 

Though it sounds daunting, given that you have already cleared the Preliminary and Mains exam, the interview shouldn’t be overly difficult.

Question: Which civil service exam is the strongest?

Ans. In this civil services exam cabinet secretary is the highest executive officer and senior most civil servant of the Government of India.

Question: How many IAS are selected by UPSC every year?

Ans. After analyzing the IAS final results, it is clear that approx 180 candidates are selected every year by the UPSC in the Indian Administrative Service(IAS).

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