How ERP Features Can Help in a Business Revolution?

Nowadays, the era of technology has revolutionized the whole thing. Over time, there has been increased competition among industries, as everyone desires an improved lifestyle. Some of the well-known companies that use ERP software are Fauji, ICI Pakistan Ltd, Pakistan Tobacco Company, and MCB bank limited. With the use of ERP software, the profit and growth of industries have increased in Pakistan. There is a chance of greater risk in growth for the companies that do not use ERP software.

As the demand for an affordable and reliable system has increased, GluonERP is one of the best ERP software in Faisalabad and around the country. If you are in the business of the pharmaceutical or textile industry, you are in the right place as we can provide ERP software that will help your industry to grow.

Main Features of ERP software

Let us have a look at the main features of ERP software in Faisalabad.

Finance in ERP

ERP aids in the management of the finance of an organization in various ways. An ERP system progresses to cost accounting and allows managers to precisely define the budget and assign costs to different projects. Whether it is about providing payments to vendors, paying wages to employees, all you need is an ERP system to accomplish it.

Besides, when you have a single business management system such as an ERP system to look after numerous departments, you do not need to work in multiple systems. This will lessen the cost of hiring different employees and assist in timesaving.

ERP acts as a financial management system to guarantee that every customer payment is finished on time. It makes sure that the business’s revenue is easy to trace and the credit managed. ERP systems have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to systematize reminders and avoid customer complaints. It can help manage cost analysis, profit tracking, invoice tracking, budgeting, and investments as tracking abilities have increased, and payment and billing systems have become automated.

ERP software permits businesses to preserve financial measures by having in-depth information, whenever desired by the employees. As financial data is confidential, ERP makes sure that the information is secure, and specific people can retrieve it. It also lets you collect financial data from different departments to create reports and other financial statements. Every piece of data goes to the warehouse without any complications within the system, which is why an ERP system is important for every business.

Sales in ERP

ERP can surge your outreach speediness. Your outreach speed determines the most well organized sales. However, how well your sales team brings the right information to the right customer affects your sales processes. Success in sales is hugely dependent on how well your relationship is with your client. If you have a long-lasting relationship with your clients, your sales will reach a new height.

ERP system can make this possible by making sure there is constant communication with the client and make sure payments go through on time. ERP system will make streamlined ordering possible. ERP systems offer different services but one in particular sticks out and that is the ability to quickly configure and trigger an order. If your ERP system cannot do this, you are putting your sales team at a disadvantage here.

Purchases in ERP

The process of purchase, generating a tracking number, inspecting inventory, filing orders, handling suppliers, making a purchase history, etc., can take a lot of time. Using ERP system automates and makes the process of purchasing easy. It provides real-time data as well. This becomes possible because it constantly reports inventory levels so you can place on order once inventory reaches a specific number.

This will increase your productivity. Augmented production means better consumption of resources, cost-savings, and potential business growth. The right ERP system can put you on the right track to success, and give you the tools you need to help you boost productivity and take your business to the next level.

Inventory in ERP

ERP helps businesses by providing accurate inventory data. ERP inventory management systems enable businesses to control their logistics, operations, finance, and inventory from a singular system reducing errors and improving efficiency and productivity. Inventory management allows you to plan your orders properly. Your inventory quantity must be accurate so when you receive the signal to buy, you can take the proper action required.

Gluon Cloud ERP

We at GluonERP offer different services and are among the top ERP software providers in the industry. We have more than 12 years of experience. Our business has branched out into four countries; more than 150 companies are using our ERP services and more than 1800 users. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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