How To Make Best Pizza at Home

Have you ever made DIY pizza yourself? If not, just read this! In fact, making your own pizza is a very interesting thing, and the pizza method is quite simple. It is a dish that is very suitable for parents and children to cook together. You can add the seasonings, taste proportions, and ingredients you want according to your personal preferences, which is very fun.

So the following is a simple tutorial for you to make pizza, let readers know the steps to make pizza, and start making delicious and delicious pizza by yourself in the easiest and simplest way.

Content Made to Pizza

Before we start to make pizza, we must first prepare various tools and materials (the following portions can make a pizza about 10 inches):

  • High-gluten flour: 300 grams you can also use medium-gluten flour, or add 30-50% of whole-wheat flour, but if you want to make a more chewy Pizza, you will basically recommend using full-gluten flour.
  • Dry yeast: about 2.5 spoons Used to ferment flour.
  • Salt bar: about 3 spoons
  • Sugar: about 2.5 spoons
  • Hot water: 120c.c 150c.c
  • Olive oil: about 2 spoons
  • Egg: one
  • Other ingredients: meat, cheese, tomatoes, sauces, vegetables, etc., can be adjusted according to the taste you want to make or refer to other pizza recipes.
  • Tools: deep-bottomed pots (steel basins), stir bars, pasta sticks, ovens, plastic wrap, wok, etc.
The Next Step Is How To Make Pizza!
  • Make Dough

Put the prepared high-gluten flour, dry yeast, salt, sugar, and beaten egg juice in a steel basin, and slowly pour warm water (about 40 degrees C) and use a stirring tool to stir it.

  • Knead The Dough

Then add olive oil and stir it into a lump, then start to knead the dough vigorously and knead the dough to a “smooth” shape. The process may take about 30 minutes or more.

(If too much water is accidentally added in the previous step and the dough is soft and rotten, making it difficult to make a row, you can add flour to continue kneading.)

  • Fermentation

Then put the smooth dough in the oven for “fermentation” for about 40 minutes; some people’s oven does not have a fermentation function, you can also directly heat the steel basin to knead the dough through warm water (about 45 degrees C).

Remarks: In summer, the weather is hotter, and sometimes the dough can be fermented at room temperature. It is very successful; or it can make the fermentation time longer by 10 to 15 minutes, even though low-temperature fermentation, it can make a difference. Flavored dough.

  • Face Leather

Put the finished dough (about twice the size of the original dough) on a floured table (workbench), then sprinkle some flour as a hand flour, and then use the stick to make the dough rod Pie-shaped.

Of course, you don’t have to make the rod into a circle, you can also make the pie crust into a square or other irregular shapes, but the most important thing is to go to the thickness you like according to your preferences.

  • Pierce The Crust

Then, we can put the sticky dough on the pizza baking tray and start to poke holes in the surface of the cake crust. The reason for the hole is to allow the pizza crust to “vent air” when it is baked. Avoid deforming or cracking the whole cake crust.

  • Put On Condiments & Fillings

The next most interesting step is to make pizza! We can use our creativity in pizza and make our own tastes. And usually, we will first coat a layer of oil (corn oil and olive oil) on the surface of the cake crust, and then after putting a thin layer of tomato sauce, start to put the originally prepared condiments and fillings, Common ingredients such as onions, ham, sausages, sesame leaves, etc, and if you choose to use other thicker meats, such as chicken, beef, etc.

It is recommended to cook first or half-cooked before putting Pizza. Then, after evenly spreading the ingredients, you can evenly sprinkle cheese! The editor’s favorite is to mix and sprinkle with different flavors or types of cheese, very delicious and very fragrant XD.

  • Baked Pizza

Put the pizza with all kinds of spices in the oven, turn it to 200 degrees, and bake for about 15 minutes until the cheese is completely melted and the ingredients are fused together.

Note: But I usually turn 180 degrees and bake for 20 minutes. The pizza tastes crispier and fragrant.

  • Start Eating

After the pizza is baked, you can serve it! It is recommended to slice the pizza and eat it directly. In addition, you can also add additional seasonings, such as chili and pepper, and you can add cheese powder if the taste is not heavy enough!) The hot pizza is the most delicious, especially the pizza that can pull the cheese very long. It is always very fragrant and delicious, so don’t let him cool down.

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