Importance of ISO 14000 Family of Standards For World?

We live in this environment. Human beings and environment are co-related. In absence or harm to any one of these, other’s survival too comes in danger. So, there is need of ISO 14000 for environment protection. Here is an article on the above-mentioned topic.

What do you Mean by ISO 14000?

ISO 14000 EMS is an abbreviated form of ISO 14000 Environmental Management System. It is solely related to manage the environment by helping the organization in the best possible ways. It helps the organization by;

  • Minimizing the negative impact of the operation conducted by the organization that directly affects the environment.
  • Binding the organization upon certain laws, regulations and other environmentally friendly related activities
  • Improve the environmental status

ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems (QMS) are similar in some aspects. Both of them pertain to the process of production of the product rather than the product itself. Third party organization provide the certification for the ISO 9001, that is the audits are performed according to the standards of ISO 19011 and ISO 17021.

European Union’s Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is one of the vital requirements of ISO 14001. The structure and material of the EMAS are heavily demanding and core concerned with the performance improvement, legal compliance and reporting duties. On September 2015, the recent version of ISO 14001:2015 was published which is adopted all around the globe for the superb management of environmental issues.

What are the Major Criteria for Environment Management System?

The major criteria for the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is defined by ISO 14001. It mainly maps out a certain framework which the organization can adopt to set up an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) rather than the requirements for the performance related to the environment. Any organization can freely use the ISO 14001 to improve the efficiency of the resource, reduction of waste production and reduction in the costs. The implementation of this standard provides the assurance to the organization about its management and the employees as well as the stakeholders that measures the environmental impact. Integration of the ISO 14001 with other management aids the organizations meeting their environmental aims and economic target.

What are the Objectives of ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 falls under the category of ISO 14000 standards. ISO 14000 family of standards is one of the several ISO Certification in India. The prime objective of ISO 14001 is to help the organization and companies to continuously improve their environmental performance with the applicable legislation that is legitimate. It makes the organization to sets its own target and performance measures. It also highlights what is the necessity of the organization and meeting its targets that are set up earlier by monitoring and measuring the circumstances. ISO 14001 doesn’t focus on the measures and goals for the performance of the environment but the performance of the organization itself that has an impact on the environment. It is the standard that can be applied on any levels in the business. It can be implemented from the organization level down to the product and service level for the enhancement of the status of the concerned level.

ISO 14001 is popularly called Generic Management System Standard (GMSS). It congruently means that it is the standard which is relevant to any of the organization that is seeking to improve and manage the resources in an effective way. It includes some of the points that are given below;

  • Little to Big national and international companies and organization
  • Companies with high risk factor to low risk factor
  • Industries that are Manufacturing, processing and service providing which includes local government too
  • All sectors of the industry including both public and private sectors
  • Authentic Manufacturers of the equipment or product and their supplier

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