Is Homeschooling is a Challenge? Coping with Digital Homework Help

Before jumping on to why homeschooling is considered challenging and coping with the challenges with digital homework help, it is important to understand what homeschooling is. So, homeschooling can be understood as home-base progressive learning, in which the parents are educating their children at home irrespective of sending them to schools. Due to the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19), schools, offices, and businesses have been closed.

Schools and colleges have turned into homeschooling, offices have turned into work from home, and companies have turned into online businesses. Home-based learning or homeschooling have become challenging not only for students but also for the parents and teachers. They are trying hard to adapt to a new “routine” and the challenges of digital learning. It is known that the parents and teachers are expected to stay in regular contact and communication to find the best way for their kids to learn and study at home.

Some common homeschooling challenges and tips for coping up with the rough patches

Parent vs. Teacher: Parents vs. teacher refers to the change in parents’ role from being parents to the teacher, which is considered one of the most common challenges regarding homeschooling. There is a need to have a delicate balance that has been found challenging by the families because of the behaviour issues.

Over-Scheduling: Some of the students who have been getting involved in many activities from home find it exciting and easy. While at times, over-scheduling and over-commitment results in the tiredness of the children and exhausted and burnt out parents.

Juggling: More than students, the whole situation gets challenging for the parents because it becomes difficult for them to handle household chores, work, and children’s studies altogether.

Another challenge that has been un-noticed and has not been discussed much regarding the digital mode of education is that this modality reveals the inequality that various families have experienced at the socio-economic level.Unfortunately, there are still so many students who do not have access to technology and an environment for learning to comply with academic expectations.

Some other challenges are the behaviour issues; teaching subjects that are not liked by the parents or the topics in which they are not proficient; planning and keeping records of everything, creating a homeschool schedule, and struggling with the stress over homeschooling.

Homeschooling Perks

Parents have the chance to:

  • Exhibit to their children that education is interesting
  • Determine the syllabus as well as their children’s schooling agenda
  • Create a strong relationship with their children
  • Spend some more time with their children regarding complex concepts along with moving ahead as soon as the child master the concept or the subject
  • Adapt specific education methods that suit best their child
  • Create a flexible schedule that could not be possible generally for children who are enrolled in public school
  • Provide religious as well as ethical lessons for their children
  • Provide the kids with the person interface that is usually not possible with the teachers in large classrooms
  • Spend extra time to help their kids for developing some unique talents that they already possess but it is hidden

Drawbacks of Homeschooling

In homeschooling, parents are expected to:

  • Restrain stress and anger along with remaining patient when their kids struggle with learning
  • Be near to their kids all day long and becomes challenging for them because this often becomes the reason behind the restlessness and misbehave behaviour of the kids
  • Effectively handle the difficulties to start working at a slower pace as compared to the schools
  • Continually acclimatize to be efficient teachers
  • Always motivate their kids
  • Spend time reviewing several curriculum programs as per the standards to align with the learning needs of the children

Coping with Digital Learning

Digital education has been growing fast and has become a part of education at high speed, especially from this pandemic. The digital way of learning has become an accessible substitute for all students. It becomes imperative to note that every rising system has its own set of limits, which also be interpreted as obstacles or challenges for that system. The receivers of the digital way of education are better served if they become already aware of the conditions that must be taken care of and prepare themselves appropriately to internalize the success into an advantage.

The foremost footstep concerning homeschooling is to come to terms with the system of a digital way of education by being aware of the positive aspects it holds for the students. Digital teaching or online learning can also be understood as a self-study method. This might have been sounding quite basic, but yet, it is a fact since the rate of abrasion is higher in the beginning because the students found themselves lost.

Some particular key points to remember while taking online classes

  • Preparing well: Appropriate preparation is required, and it is considered as the fundamental aspect of any e-learning experience
  • Knowing your tech: Being aware of all the essential technical troubleshooting is regarded as a critical aspect
  • Stop comparing: Comparison always brings demotivation, so it is crucial not to compare yourself with anyone
  • With the help of the digital model of education, the students have the opportunity to learn anything and follow their passion

As it has been discussed that there are various advantages and disadvantages associated with homeschooling, the information mentioned above helps provide you with a basic idea regarding what is expected in homeschooling and the digital mode of learning. Homeschooling has been found stressful as well as challenging, but it’s also rewarding. On average, homeschooling has been found to have better results than the conventional model of schooling.

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