Is it Safe to Travel to the United States?

Dangerous for tourism. However, it is true that you can improve security, comfort and calm on your visit to the American continent if you take into account some details and control unforeseen events as much as possible.

Information, prevention and preparation are all you need; if you want to travel to the United States minimizing risks and unforeseen events. The experience of other travelers and the professional services of experts in travel preparation are the best guide so that risk does not slip into your suitcase.

What risks are you traveling to the United States?

The areas declared risky for tourism present situations of political and social instability, lack of sanitation, terrorist threats. among other factors, but this is not the case in the United States where it is advisable to travel and do tourism, without limitations, except in the case of specific alarms or exceptional situations.

Security in the United States is guaranteed as in other cities in the world, however, as it also happens in other areas, there are risks to be reckoned with and which we detail below, with expert suggestions to alleviate or minimize these situations that you will find when you travel to the United States.

Is it advisable to take out health insurance to travel to the United States?

The healing is totally private in the United States. It is not a danger, but it is a situation that is worth controlling when you still have at your disposal the possibility of taking out travel insurance with medical assistance.

Pay attention to the issue of health insurance because although there are very few tourists who risk traveling without it, there are still many who do not contract adequate and complete coverage. You have to be generous with the amount covered for health care during your trip to the United States, all health services are paid and expensive, from care for a headache to hospitalization or any type of need for accident or pathology.

If you want to adjust the premium of your travel insurance, it is not recommended to minimize the money provided for medical assistance and it is important to find out about the form of payment that you have contracted and what you should do when you need assistance. Have on hand and always in safe place contact numbers and data necessary to make use of your policy.

Hire protection against theft and theft if you travel to the US

The tourist areas of any country are the habitual scene of robberies and or thefts to tourists, although the authorities of all places seek to control and minimize crime rates in their countries. It is an arduous and complicated task. The United States is not an exception, it is important that you follow the safety regulations, inform yourself of the most and least recommended areas, the most recommended hours to walk with maximum security, or how and when to use public transport, without exposing yourself.

The advice of expert guides or other people who have already taken the same route or visited the same cities that you have planned to visit will help you improve your security, avoiding theft.

Despite everything, it is best to be realistic and be aware that there is no foolproof way to avoid theft or an isolated episode of this type of situation; however, travel insurance with this contingency included is the only tool that never fails when the unpleasant situation arises.

Documentation, electronic devices, credit cards, and all the contents of your suitcase, backpack and or purse are protected under an adequate complete insurance policy. Thefts from hotels and thefts in America’s busiest areas like big cities and the tourist spots are not uncommon.

Risks you can have when traveling by car in the United States

Touring the American West Coast and starring in your own movie on Route 66 are common plans when traveling to the United States. It is popular, easy and safe. Pay attention to the traffic regulations, be careful and pay attention to the insurance that includes the car you rent to make the route.

The system of policies and modalities to ensure cars in the US are different from the Spanish ones. The most common thing is that the rented car has a CDW -Collision Damage Waiver- included in the price. It is the minimum required by law to circulate, as occurs in Spain with third party insurance. It runs a franchise and covers any damage as long as it is caused in a collision, no matter who is at fault.

To further ensure your car trip in the United States, you can complete CDW coverage with other compatible policies that cover probable contingencies in a trip:

  • LDW -Loss Damage Waiver-. Theft is covered.
  • TPL – Third-party Liability- Third-party or civil liability insurance.
  • LIS, SLP or SLI -Supplemental Liability Protection- are alternatives to extend social responsibility insurance.
  • PEC -Personal Effects Coverage- Do you want to protect your luggage in the car? You need this insurance.

Risks due to meteorological phenomena that you have to take into account in the USA

Heavy snow, hurricanes, are relatively frequent in some areas of the United States and although the forecast for this type of phenomenon is much more accurate and allows canceling trips or taking necessary measures to protect themselves, sometimes they are triggered without warning.

The fundamental danger that, for example, you will be caught in a great snowfall in New York itself is that your flight may be canceled, you have to extend your stay in the country or you cannot go out to enjoy a musical or any other type of show. So that predictably you would have already removed –and paid tickets-. You will not be able to do much to prevent this from happening, but if you take out travel insurance in Spain that covers these types of contingencies, you will have much fewer problems and avoid extra expenses or run out of accommodation the time the airport is closed.

If you are worried about hurricanes or tornadoes, consult the updated information directly in the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which provides tourists with this kind of data in a timely manner and taking into account official forecasts and the most reliable statistics.

Loss of suitcases and delays on the plane to the US

It is not a bad thing only for the United States, on any plane trip it is possible to suffer different setbacks at the airport itself without leaving the country or trying to return. The most frequent are delays, loss or damage to luggage and flight cancellation; therefore, they are the type of coverage that is always included in travel insurance.

The travel policy does not prevent you from delaying the departure of your flight back home from the United States or that your suitcase does not appear on the tape, but it allows you to stay calm and not have to face extraordinary expenses to cope with these situations It also avoids discomfort and offers you tools to know how to act.

It’s not about being alarmist or letting fear spoil your dream trip preparations, but if safety is your priority, when you travel, now you know there are some things you can do to avoid danger, minimize risk and make sure response tools, when least likely to occur.

The United States is not a country of risk or a dangerous destination, which does not mean that your trip does not need preparation or that you cannot foresee yourself to enjoy and dissipate possible problems as much as possible.

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