Kodachadri Best Place For Trekking In Monsoon With Friends

Kodachadri is a mountain top at Shimoga locale in Karnataka. Kodachadri is situated a ways off of 20 KMs from Kollur which is celebrated for its Mookambika sanctuary. Shimoga and Kundapur are the closest towns to arrive at Kodachadri. Jeep ride to Kodachadri is accessible straightforwardly from Kollur for around 3000 Rs. The ride gives you uneven yet bold going romping experience. Dawn and Sunset from the perspectives are amazing.

On the off chance that you intend to remain and appreciate the excellence of nature, at that point arrive at Nagodi or Nittur Village. There are not many homestays accessible at Nagodi and Nittur Village which is at lower regions of the mountain from where you can either start your trip or recruit a jeep to arrive at the mountain midway. The second 50% of the mountain can be vanquished simply by traveling. Aides are accessible for Rs. 500-1000 on the off chance that you intend to play out the whole journey from lower regions. A guide may not be needed on the off chance that you take a jeep to midway and complete the second half by journey. The full journey will be for 15KMs while the half trip will be for 5 KMs.

Kodachadri Trip

In the event that you intend to finish the whole trip, at that point you should stroll through thick timberland, cross a few water streams through Hidlumane Falls. You will arrive at the main portion of the mountain where you will locate a little sanctuary and a few jeeps stopped past this point the jeeps can’t go. In the event that you intend to take a jeep ride to arrive at this point, at that point you will encounter some magnificent uneven going 4×4 romping experience like the one encountered is Dudhsagar Falls. It is highly unlikely some other vehicle will have the option to cross these tricky wet bog so don’t consider taking your SUV!. Regularly jeeps will charge you 400-500 for each individual on sharing premise however in the event that you need a committed jeep, at that point they will charge you around 1500-2000 Rs.

On the off chance that you intend to remain/tent at midway imprint at that point outdoors is conceivable close to the reason of Kodachadri Information Bureau with their authorization.

The second piece of the journey involves vehicle leaving to Shankara Peetham, a little however delightful spot where Adi Shankaracharya is accepted to have thought. The lavish green grass invites you and inside no time you will experience passionate feelings for the excellence of nature. The last journey is for around 5 KMs which prompts the Peetham is basically astounding.

There is an Iron mainstay of around 40 feet which stands erect before a sanctuary close to the pinnacle of Kodachadri. Aficionados accept that it is a Trishul utilized by Goddess Mookambika to kill a devil named Mookasura.

Indian researchers have performed tests and have affirmed that the Iron is made through old procedures and not the advanced metallurgical methods. This Iron column is made of unadulterated iron but has no indications of rust however it is presented to brutal climate conditions, for example, dampness and incessant downpour.

Spots to visit on Kodachadri top are:

Dusk Point

Hidlumane Falls (can be checked whether the trip is done from the base)

Shankara Peetham

Ganapati Cave Chitramoola

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