MBA Colleges in France without Work Experience


MBA is one of the most sought-after programs around the globe. Millions of MBA aspirants aim to study in foreign countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, and many others every year. In the UK, France is famous for its MBA and MIM programs around the world. France accepts numerous MBA applications every year. However, some applications might get rejected due to a lack of work experience. Therefore, some business schools in France have started taking freshers without work experience into their MBA programs.


Why MBA in France?

France is home to one of the best business schools globally like HEC Paris and INSEAD. So now let’s discuss why you must study MBA in France without work experience. 

    1. Well-Structured Educational system: France is known for its quality education and detailed curriculum. The government of France spends more than 20% of its budget on the education sector. No wonder the education sector brings in good revenue to the country.  
  • Land of Leaders: France is known for creating influential leaders globally like Airbus, Alcatel, Pernod Ricard, Michelin, and Alstom. These leaders have created a powerful impact in several sectors like agri-products, fashion, automobiles, electronics, and aerospace. 
    1. Learning French: French is the second most spoken language globally. Moreover, many institutions/companies prefer people who are well-versed in the French language. So, studying in France will give students a chance to learn the language and excel in their careers worldwide.
  • Global Exposure: Students studying MBA without work experience in France will provide them with international exposure. As students will meet colleagues from different countries, industrial visits, and student exchange programs, they will gain a global perspective on education, work, and social life.


Top 5 colleges in France to study MBA without work experience

Although, work experience is mandatory to study MBA in France. This criterion can be waived off under certain circumstances. Moreover, work experience requirements might be waived only in a few business schools. So, let’s discuss the top 5 business schools in France offering MBA without work experience. 


    1. INSEAD: It is one of the best business schools worldwide. Millions of students aspire to study in INSEAD every year. It offers a 10-month MBA program. In addition, students can opt for a 14-month Global Executive MBA program.
    2. Grenoble Graduate School of Business: It was established in 1984. It offers an MBA/PGDM of 2 years duration—the school charges around 15.73 K Euros for this program.
    3. European Business School Paris: This business school was founded in 1967. European Business School offers two MBA programs, namely Master in International Business Management and Master in Marketing Management and Communication Strategy. Both these programs have a duration of 2 years. 
    4. Skema Business School – Paris Campus: This business school was recently established in 2009. It does not offer MBA programs, but students with no work experience can go for their MIM program. Therefore, the MIM program at Skema Business School provides an alternative to MBA for students without work experience. This program has an annual tuition fee of Euro 14.69 K – 24.48 K.
  • ESSEC Business School: This school was established in the year 1907. One of the ancient universities in the UK offers both MIM and MBA/PGDM programs to management students. The MIM program can be for 1-2 years. At the same time, MBA/PGDM is for 1 year. The annual tuition fee charged for the MIM program is Euro 12 K. Whereas MBA/PGDM program can cost you up to Euro 49.5 K. 



International students aiming to study MBA in France without work experience can go for several college options. Learning French, global exposure and fantastic job opportunities are some of the perks of studying MBA in France without work experience.






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