Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai – Camping, Entertainment & Bonfire Night

Sit tight night stalkers! You are about to unmask the mystic beauty of the golden Arabian desert. Desert Safari Dubai is a precious asset of nature the city is blessed with. If you are seeking a natural landscape for meditation, then the golden arena of the UAE is your ultimate ground to practice gratitude. Break the rituals of seeking pleasure in the nightclubs and city glitz. Instead, try something eminently peaceful by spending a night in the heart of the dunes.

Your search for useful information ends here. Because we are about to mention some exclusive opportunities here which you can only grab in a desert safari. So get ready to spend exotic days in Dubai. One of which would be a heavy one, accompanied by the camels, SUVs, and golden dunes!

An Exotic Night Safari to the Dunes of Dubai

1.   An Outlandish Camping Experience

Spending a sleepless night in a scenic landscape is the ultimate goal of the campers. Usually, a night itinerary to the desert safari in Dubai is picked by a group of friends. As it contains all those venturous perks and benefits what reckless squad is after. Absorb the cozy ambiance of traditionally pitched Bedouin camps on the sand bed.

You can also peg your own tent with the help of a provided camping stuff such i.e. sleeping bags, rags, and polyester tents. Enjoy different board games outside your camp where the blazing bonfire lightens up the barrenness at night. Desert safari is all in all an enticing place for adventure freaks.

2.   A Placid Nightfall

Be a night escape and witness the stillness of the whole barren. Miles away from the buzzing city life, inhale the whistling air of the desert under the spotlight of the full moon. The big red dunes look more phenomenal under the gleaming sky full of stars. Lie on a sand bed and give grateful gazes to the shimmering sky. Not only that, a desert safari offers you to wake up to the glorious sunrise. All this hypnosis by nature manifests the beholder with tranquility & composure, inside out!

3.   Camel Safari in the Silent Night

Camels are considered as the royal rides of Arabs. The ancient middle-eastern migrants used to travel miles away through camels. The ship of the desert can carry you to the boundaries of dunes where jeeps and SUVs can’t maneuver. Discover the unseen species of a marshy habitat & click their poses. These include gazelles, oryx, eagle owls, hyenas, sand cats, and even desert leopards if you are lucky enough! All this and many more breathtaking sights can be explored by navigating a camel.

 If you keep an explorer inside you, you can only move a few meters on feet. As the submerging sand sea can only be explored via a camel ride.

4.   Enthralling Dune Arena

The terrain of the UAE is always brimming with enthralling SUVs. Many madcaps relieve their fever for a thrill in the dune arena of desert safari. These enthralling sports include:

●     Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is not new to thrill-seekers. Ask for adventurous actovities in Dubai, and you’ll find dune bashing in the list. This super enticing terrain activity is carried out in a 4×4 off-road vehicle. There are various terrain vehicles installed for the purpose of dune bashing, quad biking, and fat bicycling. These include land cruisers, hummers, jeep wranglers, and roofless land rovers. These vehicles are driven by licensed drivers who will take you over the creats and troughs of golden dunes.

●     Quad Biking

Quad biking is another adrenaline-pumping dune activity. It is carried out by navigating a quad bike which also a 4 wheeler, but one-seater. You’ll be trained on how to drive a quad bike on the sand, a guide of safety kits, and there you are. Ready to hit the crazy dunes of Arabia in a dare devil’s style! If you’ve chosen an itinerary with dune bashing, you’ll have to pay for quad biking exclusively. But the experience will be with spending your money.

●     Sandboarding

Learn how to maintain balance by grabbing a wooden plank and surfing the sand ripples! Sandboarding is quite amusing activity on the terrain in which a surfer goes flawlessly across the sand surface. Surf the sloppy sand dunes via a sandboard and spread laughter in the air by competing with your friends. Sandboarding is pretty jocular sand sport that is mostly enjoyed by kids and teens.

5.   BBQ & Divine Buffet

The BBQ dinner & buffet are some of the exotic happenings at the dunes of Dubai. You’ll find a combination of Arabian and international cuisines at the buffet. These comprise the menu of a royal feast. Devour from the veg and non-veg luscious food items that stimulate your taste buds for more. There are plenty of refreshments freely accessible, such as mocktails, Arabian coffee, tea, and soft drinks. After the crazy dune rides, recharge yourself by consuming these refreshing beverages.

6.   Flourish the Live Entertainment

The festivity of nightlife in the desert begins when the live entertainment sets on the terrain. Enjoy the blast with your squad by screaming over the reckless stunts of fire dancers. There is a depiction of the famous Tanura dance in which the artists spin in mysticism, wearing colorful robes. The stunning moves of the belly dancers are also remarkable.

Moreover, there are more cultural dance depictions to cherish. Such as stickman show, Khaleeji dance, Arabian Majalis seatings, and sheesha smoldering. These recreational activities add up bulk to your unforgettable memories of desert safari.


So this was a little guide on what to expect when you plan an overnight safari to the Arabian desert. Head out for an amazing experience of a lifetime, wandering like a nomad. But be aware of the chilling breezes of the dunes at night. The desert goes through a fall of temperature to a shivery extent. So dress accordingly. Be a guest of unique pictorial scenery to check your bucket list of exotic vacations.

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