Ten Things To See in Your Next Visit To Marbella

As the second most important city in the province of Malaga, Marbella is known for its ancient towns, long history and luxury. In addition, the climate is exceptional, with an average temperature of 20 degrees throughout the year, which is why Marbella holidays are always the choice of foreign tourists, and a large number of tourists circulate in Marbella Airport. If you go to this beautiful city, here are the top 10 attractions that you should not miss.

Walk Along The Old Town of Marbella

The streets of Marbella’s old town are narrow and tortuous. You will find shops, artworks, buildings, and squares with terraces everywhere. The atmosphere gives the city a unique and charming atmosphere. During the day, you can hide in the sun under many shades, and at night, you can go out for dinner and have a drink.

Visit The Arab Fortress

Next to the old city is the majestic castle wall, which has been declared a cultural resort due to its good protection status and long history. You can take a route along the wall as a perfect complement to visiting the old town.

Stroll Along Avenida del Mar

The Avenida del Mar is an open-air museum that houses 10 sculptures by Salvador Dalí. Enjoy them quietly while strolling or having a drink on one of the terraces. If you like a lively atmosphere, this area is another essential element of the city.

Explore Puerto Banus

When you think of Puerto Banus, you think of luxury. However, if you know how to look at it, you will be able to enjoy yourself in this beautiful city, where there are places where you can eat and drink similar things, and there are also places for leisure and entertainment for all your pockets. Although in Puerto Banus, the most typical thing is to sit on the terrace and watch incredible sports cars, luxury yachts and charming people.

Through Alameda Park

La Alameda Park has beautiful ceramic benches where you can relax and rest in the shade. The park is a refreshing green and tranquil oasis in the city, surrounded by bars, where you can enjoy snacks and a drink.

Topless Photos at Cabopino Beach

If you like naturalism and like nudists, we recommend you to one of the best nudist beaches on the Costa del Sol. Nestled between sand dunes, the beautiful long beach with golden sand is an ideal place to relax and sunbathe. It was awarded the European Union Blue Flag. There are also restaurants and eating places nearby, as well as a small pier where you can engage in water sports, such as surfing, snorkeling, paddle surfing and so on.

Party and Swim at Bounty Beach

It is really difficult to choose which is the best beach in Marbella. There are many beaches, all of which are beautiful, but Bounty Beach is one of the most fashionable beaches. It is actually called Playa del Cable, but the beach bar “Bounty Beach” (Bounty Beach) has become so famous, especially because of its parties, so that the beach has been named. It is located near the city center, with 1300m fine sand, relaxing atmosphere and excellent restaurants.

Explore The Nightlife of Marbella

When the sun sets in Marbella, the lights are turned on to prepare the house for a spectacular and long night, which usually lasts until dawn. The neurology center of Marbella’s nightlife is Av del mar, where you can dine and then have a drink at La Notte, or go to one of the many discos, such as Key Boite, Olivia Valére, Funky Budda or La Suite.

Enjoy The Rich Cuisine of Marbella

Unbelievable food is available in any of its many restaurants for all budgets. You cannot leave Marbella and cannot taste fresh fish from ringinguitos, which is one of the essentials of the city. But most importantly, you must try “espetos” (grilled sardines). If you like tapas and get lost in the old town, there are many options. If you can afford it, there are three incredible Michelin-starred restaurants.


If you want to go shopping in Marbella for a day, you will find several options if you want to go shopping and small shops, we suggest you find the most peculiar things and many souvenirs in the old town, but if what you want is air-conditioned When you get lost in the walking shopping center, we recommend you to visit La Cañada shopping center, which includes cinemas and attractions. Compare Cheap Flight Bookings To Marbella

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