The Most Common Causes For Can’t Lose Weight?

Didn’t it fall again? You look in disbelief at the scales and wonder where the mistake could have been. Is this your case too? In any case, you should not hang your head. You’d better take a closer look at the reasons for your question why can’t I lose weight?

How Much Time Do You Spend Sleeping?

Most people do not associate sleep quality with weight loss, which is a mistake. According to WebMD, experts agree that getting enough sleep is essential to health, well-being, and weight as diet and exercise. On the contrary, according to scientific knowledge, lack of sleep is directly associated with gaining weight.

Drowsiness brings with it a tax: lack of energy, cravings for unhealthy foods, postponement of exercise, eating larger portions of food. Worst of all, you justify transgressions as the reward you deserve. You feel tired, exhausted, and therefore you “logically” deserve not to pay too much attention to the food on that day, not to exercise, to reach for a beautifully foamed cappuccino.

What Are You Drinking?

Alcoholic drinks and weight loss

Alcohol during weight loss is a chapter in itself. We justify its consumption with phrases such as “for blood cells”, “for better sleep”, “just for one,” and the like.

Giving up alcohol can be a significant change, not least in weight loss. Drinking “encourages” the consumption of caloric foods immediately the next day and increases appetite. It changes the length and quality of sleep, energy levels also affect your love life you can use Fildena 100 for best love life.

Alcohol also has a negative effect on digestion, as it alters gastric acid secretion even in relatively small doses. With increasing age, problems can occur in the area of ​​digestion, so it is advisable to support it by adjusting the diet or nutritional supplements.


An excellent way to hydrate the body during weight loss is through clean water. It helps get waste from the body, increases energy expenditure, and is essential for burning fat. We should drink 0.5 liters of water a day for 15 kg of body weight. So if your weight is 60 kg, you should drink 2 liters a day.

According to Medical News Today, water can help take up space in the stomach, leading to a feeling of satiety and reduced hunger. Taking a glass of water before striking for food can help reduce overeating.

In a 2014 study, 50 overweight women drank 500 ml of water for eight consecutive weeks 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner to enhance their regular consumption of water. Participants experienced weight loss, body fat, and body mass index. They also reported appetite suppression. (Source: Medical News Today)

Exercise and healthy weight loss

There is perhaps no need to talk about the positive effect of exercise on weight loss. A combination of exercise and a proper diet is the most effective way to get rid of excess weight. It is also possible to adjust blood pressure or cholesterol levels, which is also not negligible information.

According to Health line, if you want to enjoy exercise’s health benefits get Fildena 150 or vigora 100, it is recommended to perform some form of aerobic workout at least 20 minutes. However, if you are not able to lose weight, be sure to add in this direction. Even a regular walk can “deprive” you of fat reserves if you do it continuously for at least 15 – 20 minutes every day.

Unlike men, women are not always inclined to exercise with weights. The advantage of strength training is that thanks to it, you build muscle mass. And muscles burn calories. When you are worried that the hand is not on the weight and not fall, maybe it is time to start thinking about strength exercises.

Evening meals

Late dinners or nightly “bouncing” on TV can ruin your plans. You may argue that calories are like calories, and you guard the limit during the day. It is also possible to chew healthy. However, you should handle food carefully in the evening.

Tip: vitamins for weight loss

The organic natural nutritional supplement suitable for vegans can also be supported by losing excess kilograms. It will take aim at your fat stores and, thanks to its content, can help you pleasantly lose weight. You will find in it:

  • Garcia-Cambodia, which contributes to weight control,
  • hot orange, which helps to metabolize lipids and control body weight properly,
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