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Lifestyle Food Trends for 2021

1. Pantry Meals

2020 was born out of the necessity to cook in quarantine and make ends meet. People learned to stock their pantry and make delicious, filling meals from dry and canned goods.

This food trend will continue to be a food trend in 2021, thanks to its ability to save money and feed the hungry. Want more inspiration for your culinary endeavors? You can find a local cooking class or join a virtual class online.

2. Mental Health Cooking

Nutrition and food play an important role in maintaining mental and cognitive health. After a difficult 2020, mental well-being has never been more important.

It is clear that if your body lacks certain nutrients, it can have long-lasting effects. As a food trend, 2021 will see eating healthy for your body and mind. Superfoods and amazing ingredients can help boost your mood, ease anxiety, combat depression, and support mental health.

3. Veganism and Vegetarianism

Although veganism is not a “trend”, the number of people who are vegetarians and vegans is increasing. Many are reconsidering their meat-based diets due to increasing concerns about mental and physical health, as well as the impact on the environment. Many people are giving up all animal products in an effort to live a healthier and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

The American Dietetic Association holds the position that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are suitable for people of all ages and stages of life. The market is full of plant-based alternatives, making it easier to switch.


4. “Flexitarian” Diets

Some people are not ready to switch to a plant-based diet. This is why “flexitarian” eating is on the rise. Flexitarians eat meat as a one-off or on-the-weekend meal, rather than as a regular part of their daily meals.

Even if we reduce our meat consumption slightly, it is still better for the environment as well as our overall health. This makes this food trend for 2021 one of the most important.


5. Carb Alternatives

Low-carb eating was brought back by Keto, but it will not be the only food trend in 2021. It’s easier than ever to stick to low-carb diets, thanks to the popularity of carb substitute products, such as cauliflower pizza crust and gnocchi.

You can still enjoy your favorite foods with versatile ingredients that replace rice and flour-based dishes.

6. Takeout

Many of us needed to take a break in 2020 from our favorite restaurants. This is why takeout from local eateries will continue to be a popular food trend for 2021.

You can support local businesses, give some love to the restaurant industry in need, or indulge in your favorite food. It’s time for you to call your favorite local place and place an order for pickup, delivery, or both.

7. Low-Waste Foods

We are more conscious than ever about making environmentally-conscious buying decisions, as climate change concerns are on the rise. This awareness has filtered into the food industry, with zero-waste or low-waste becoming one of the top food trends for 2021.

Low-waste food refers to drastically reducing packaging, especially plastic, and repurposing food scraps which may have otherwise ended up in the trash (like potato peels, carrot tops or broccoli stems). There are many ways to reduce waste in the kitchen. Any step in this direction will help you kickstart this important food trend for 2021.


8. Elevated Desserts

Healthy eating is the focus of this year’s attention. Desserts are not being overlooked. Desserts are now a form art in their own right, thanks to new trends and innovations from all over the globe. This is where creativity shines, especially when you use unique ingredients or plant-based resources.

9. Fusion Cuisine

Access to traditional cuisines all over the globe is easy, so cross-cultural cooking will become a major food trend in 2021. Fusion dining isn’t a new concept. However, the time has come for creativity and innovation in food. You can try fusions such as Mexican-Korean, Chinese Peruvian, and many more. The options are endless and very exciting.

10. Home-Baked Bread

Another result of quarantine cooking was 2020, which was the year that we all learned how make homemade bread. Many people are now able to see how easy and healthy homemade bread can be. Home-baked breads will continue to be a popular food trend into 2021, with everything from tangy sourdough to hearty Rye to classic white.

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