Trendy Logos in 2021

Being the face of a brand, logos should be unique, attractive, visually appealing and powerful at the same time. Most of the times when brands go for affordable logo packages they leave the entire designing process to the graphic designers, however, it is very important that brand owners also put in their inputs because more ideas can help the designer view things from different perspectives.

A good graphic designer will always work with the client closely, discuss ideas and share trends and other details. There are many types of logos and to decide which type would suit the brand best is the most difficult task.

Usually, when clients opt for affordable logo packages, agencies select a basic few types and play with those to create a logo, because the more expensive the package is the better services companies offer.

But small businesses should not worry because logo designs offered when selecting affordable logo packages aren’t necessarily bad, this is a misconception, these logos can also be very attractive. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that they should be trendy.

Some of the types of logos which will trend in 2021 are as follows:

Word Mark or Logotypes

Have you seen logos completely designed with text, which include no images, symmetry, etc just like the logo of Google, Disney, FaceBook; these are called word marks or logotypes. While designing these graphic designers style text in different fonts and play with color themes and font sizes accordingly. These types of logos are mostly used by channels, corporate companies. There was a time when these types of logos weren’t seen but since last few years word mark logos have again gained fame as brand owners now prefer incorporating their company’s or brand’s name in the logo.

Monogram or Letter Mark

While word mark logos use the complete name of the company or the brand. Letter mark logos only incorporate the initials or a selected few letters of the company name. For example, have you seen the logo of Netflix, Unilever, Motorola or McDonalds, the latter use M as their logos but what makes them different is the color theme, font, font size and the way it has been creatively designed. While McDonald’s has a big M in yellow color, Motorola on the other hand has a small M in its logo with a color combination of black and white and it has a circular boundary as well. Monograms are considered as simple logos but they are very effective because they have the power to grab the attention of the customers only if they are designed properly.

Did you ever think why does the logo of Twitter include a bird, or why does Nike use a tick sign as its logo? These are called abstract logos, graphic designers need to understand the true essence of any brand and incorporate the objective of the brand in its logo, and so designers use abstract logos for companies. A half-eaten apple represents one of the best telecommunications company – Apple, a round-shaped ball with a tint of red, blue and white colors represents one of the renowned cola brands – Pepsi, etc; these logos have the power to captivate customers’ attention. Everybody recognizes logos of Shell, Mercedez-Benz, Pepsi, Twitter, etc despite them not having any company’s name, because these abstract logos can attract customers and also stay in their subconscious mind only if they are designed properly and have some actual meaning to them.

There are some logos which use both graphics and text, like the logo of Burger King, Lacoste or Puma. These types of logos were used very often previously but they faded with time, but since the last couple of years, these have started gaining momentum because a lot of brands and companies have started operating within the same industries and it gets very difficult to maintain the uniqueness of all the brands. Therefore, when clients opt for affordable logo packages, the safest option that graphic designs go for is combination logos, it gives a pictorial representation and also incorporates the name of the brand or company.

We all love KFC and Kentucky Colonel, everybody around the globe identifies the mastermind behind the most rejoiced fast food brand – KFC and this is because it has been incorporated in its logo. These type of logos include illustrated characters usually caricatures of brand ambassadors that give an identity to the brand. These logos attract children the most because cartoons are their favorite and when it comes to fast-food chains or children-specific brands it is recommended that graphic designers should try mascot logos. Logo designing is very critical there are a lot of details that should be kept in mind while designing a logo because these become the face of the brand and if they aren’t up to the mark they are of no use. So in 2021, if you plan to start a company, launch a brand or if you decide to redesign your logo keep these five types of logos mentioned above in your mind because these will dominate 2021.

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