Wedding Jewelry is Underrated

The importance of everything during a wedding should not be denied. We tend to ignore the little details over other things that we find more important. Wedding jewelry is one such thing. The brides focus more on the bridal dress, the decorations of the stage, and other formal events preceding the wedding. During all this, jewelry is a very important thing that needs equal attention as anything else. It will make up your personality. If you have the perfect dress and the well-fitted footwear with your veil set on your head appropriately but you do not have the right jewelry matched with the outfit and the shoes, then your whole aura will fall.

Choosing jewelry should be handled carefully because for every different kind of dress, you need to have a different set of earrings and more. The bridal look culture varies different from eastern to western culture. On the western side, you would have much less, light, and minimum jewelry even if it is with a bridal dress. But on an eastern/Asian wedding, the jewelry is typically very heavy with beads and pearls all over and costs a lot. This traces back to the trends of Mughals and their wives who used to show off their money by wearing it in different forms. This is from where the tradition started and is present until now as you can often see women in Pakistani bridal wear wearing Mughal style jewelry. It does not matter to what culture you belong to, all of us are always supposed to wear the most elegant and decent jewelry that shall match your whole look.

Since time has advanced, the trends in jewelry for party wear as well as bridal wear have become less fancy and more elegant. Also, now everyone prefers to have what keeps them the most comfortable. So ladies now prefer the minimum jewelry sets. Some major bridal trending jewelry sets include the Lariat necklaces, threaded earrings, Rose Gold jewelry sets, and Diamond halo stud earrings. A new trend has been recently introduced which suggests wearing either your name or the first letter of your name attached at the end of your necklace. Some women have also been wearing the name of their partners on the wedding day. It gives a very romantic yet elegant look. Most brides have an interest in keeping the look classic on the big day but you have to know that a classic look does not go on everyone. You have to discover your style and then choose wisely. Pay great attention while you choose the bridal jewelry for you. You do not want to wear the diamond ring and the pearl earrings just because a second cousin did so at her wedding.

The color combination in your jewelry holds the same importance as the beads and the pearls in its hold. Do not wear the dark and shadowy color with your pink gown. Bridal jewelry has always been in fashion trends and it keeps changing its forms. Sometimes, they come to us as huge necklaces that go up to the top of your neck, and sometimes they come to us as a long delicate necklace with a matching stone at the end. You need to stay updated the same way as you do with the latest bridal fashion dresses. Choose with a clear mind. Even if you have to go through all the jewelry shops in your town, do so but you do not want to compromise on such a prime thing on the most important day of your life.

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