What Are The Most Recommended Camping Locations In The United States?

Spring is the season when everything recovers, and it’s time to pack up a backpack and go camping in nature. There are a lot of campsites in the United States, but it is not easy to choose a place that is suitable for camping and has beautiful views. In addition to backpackers, many people rented RVs and came here to experience camping. It is important to know that one of the favorite travel methods of Americans is to drive in an RV and stroll around. Among them, the most attractive one is undoubtedly the integration into the background of nature. The “campgrounds” that must be said below. There are about 16,500 public and private campgrounds in the United States, and their unique charm makes the content of American RV camping trips extremely rich. So today we take a look at everyone, what are the camping culture in the United States, and the most recommended camping sites in the United States, and what kind of beautiful scenery can you enjoy here?

Camp Type

American campsites can be divided into three categories:

  • Private campgrounds of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC);
  • Federal camps, including camps managed by national parks, national forests, the Federal Land Administration and the Federal Engineering Agency;
  • State camp

Below we will give you a detailed introduction to these camp types.

American Camping Guide

Private Camp

KOA is one of the largest and most famous camp service providers in ARVC. There are recommended campsites on this website and you can also book campsites. The types of camps above include log cabin camps, RV camps, tent camps, and unique camps.

Generally, KOA’s RV camps are Full hook up camps, which include water supply, power supply, and sewer connection. The price is generally based on the richness of the camp equipment and facilities and is charged per night. In addition, depending on the off-peak season, the price will fluctuate. Please check the website of each camp of KOA for the service and reservation price of the specific camp. At the same time, not all camps are open all year round, and there will be reminders when booking online.

Federal Camp

Federal camps include camps managed by national parks, national forests, the Federal Land Administration, and the Federal Bureau of Engineering. There are 9,554 federal camps in the United States, including 140 national parks, 5061 national forests, 510 federal land administrations, and 2,000 federal leaseholds.

The advantage of the federal camp is that the price is cheaper than other camps, and the location is excellent, and the scenery is very good. But of course, there are disadvantages. Compared to professional camps, the facilities in non-federal camps will disappoint everyone. Although there are toilets, they are not flush toilets. Moreover, in the wild, the camps may not be supplied with water at the same time. But you don’t have to book it and don’t worry. The online quota is only a part, and some of the quotas can be obtained on the spot at the camp.

Camps in the north are generally open from March to November when there is a corresponding reminder when booking online. In places under the jurisdiction of the government, there are also requirements for campers. The most important thing is that you cannot carry alcoholic beverages. Another thing is that you cannot bring firewood to the camp to burn it because of the fear of pest outbreaks. The wood sold in the camp store will generally indicate the place of origin. In areas where forest diseases and insect pests are sensitive, even qualified wood you carry must be inspected by the administrator. In fact, the camping area of ​​the park sells wood, and the price is generally not more expensive than that sold outside, so there is no need to bring in from the outside.

State Camp

There are also 2,130 state camps in the United States. There are 2,130 camps in almost every state, providing services for local campers. The main selling point of the state camp is also static beauty. Almost all are in the picturesque lake, forest, mountain, or deep in the park. For those who love camping, Zhouli Camp is like them. Like home. When I have time, I come here with my friends or family to drive here for a wonderful weekend. It is really a happy thing. Although here and the above-mentioned federal camps are picturesque places, but the infrastructure is still quite complete, including water and electricity, entertainment facilities, and catering. The prices here are similar to national parks and much cheaper than KOA chain camps. Therefore, state camps are really a very good choice for camping enthusiasts.

American Camping Guide

Campsite recommendation

After understanding the types of camping in the United States, let’s take a look at the most suitable places for camping in the United States.

Washington North Falls National Park

What kind of experience is camping at the edge of the world? There is a very wonderful campsite in Washington North Falls National Park. This campsite is located at 7686 feet, with nearly 2000 feet of cliffs overlooking. There are countless ice peaks and snow. For a campsite built by stimulating people, timid friends should think about it. It is likely that the goats and marmots that accompany the campers to sleep here. There are six campsites in North Falls National Park in Washington, each separated by small mounds, allowing campers to still have their own small world in nature. One thing to add is that if you want to camp here, you need to obtain a permit from the Wilderness Information Cent in the park. This permit is free, first come first served. I want to experience the most in history Friends who stimulate camping may come early.

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Yellowstone National Park

Many people choose to camp in addition to wanting to get close to nature and see the night sky under the stars. Another important reason is to be a neighbor with those wild animals. So if you are also interested in wildlife, then Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park should be a camping spot for these friends. As you may see here, elk, wild, coyote, and antelope, of course, brown bears and moose are also very common. So everyone remembers, the most indispensable equipment to come here is the telescope. Of course, pay attention to safety when observing wild animals.

Sanor region

If time is limited and you cannot spend a very interesting weekend in the wilderness of Taiyuan, then a camping site very close to the city is officially a place suitable for everyone, as is the camping site in Sunol Regional, California a place. This campsite is near the Bay Area, very close to San Jose and Auckland, just a 30-minute drive away. There are hills covered with green grass, mountain streams, and countless animals to accompany you. Such a vibrant place is a hideaway for people who are tired of urban life. There are a total of seven camping sites in the Sunol area, one of which can be seen over the Alameda Creek to see the entire area.

Acadia National Park

If you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the Lower East Coast and spend an unforgettable night at the campsite on the East Coast, then don’t miss Acadia National Park. The main landscape in this park is Mountain Desert Island, where you can experience intertidal exploration, climbing sea cliffs, and hiking along the coastline. Not far from here is Blackwoods Campground on the south side of Bar Harbor. Located at the farthest end of the mountain desert island, there is also the Haidi Campground. There are 214 campsites here, remind everyone that the campsites here come first.

Los Padres National Forest Park

The best camping site on the West Coast is in Los Padres National Forest Park. Here, not only is there a geographical environment suitable for camping, but also amazing scenery. Friends camping at Kirk Creek Campsite can watch the sunset slowly fall into the Pacific Ocean on the 100-foot cliff. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful picture, there are only 33 camping spots on the cliff, so everyone must book in advance. In addition, I would like to remind everyone that there are not many trees on the campsite, and students who are still afraid of sunbathing should provide themselves with sunshade supplies. Half of Kirk Creek Campgrounds can be booked in advance, and the rest are on a first-come-first-served basis.

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