What has a Higher Level of Importance?

Sports have long ago ceased being sports and had become a business. There was a time when people played games for enjoyment, comradeship and exercise. Now most of them play for money. The mass media plays this up. We read about sports players being bought and sold; like commodities and paid extraordinary amounts.

They live high lives and present themselves more like showmen than sportspeople. Somewhere along the way, people have realized that sports are a living – a good living. We find players going beyond games to promote themselves. Many of them employ public relations staff to see their images. Their signatures cost money.

Interview Session

Even to interview them and publish stories about their prowess, you must be prepared to pay. Even their attitudes towards other humans seem to have suffered. We find them publicly putting down their opponents and bragging about themselves.

This is the result of easy wealth. Perhaps, as a result of their market values, players have become stuck up. Many of them have become rich and heartless. Some have abandoned their families.

The point of one obsession – money but at almost every interview, is loud to proclaim their total disinterest in money. It looks as if they are so interested in playing. But sometimes on the same page as the interview is the news that they had refused to play because of not being paid highly enough.

Corruption in the Field Of Sports

There has been a lot of corruption in the sports field. Players have been paid to lose games. Punters have bought whole teams. It is a point for consideration that there are probably more occasions when corruption takes place than those reported in the press. As usual, the smartest criminals don’t get caught.

Sometimes we see excellent playing teams playing so badly that it seems that they are not playing at all. One of two things has to happen. Either the money should be taken out of sports, or a new word needs to be coined to describe this job of making a living called marks.

Final Thought

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