Why Are Leadership Programmes For Women Important?

“Women hold 17% of board positions in corporate India, but only 11% leadership roles”

– Forbes India

The above-mentioned statement is one of the biggest reasons for why, in India, are leadership programmes for women important. Would you not like to see significant changes in these statistics? Leadership programmes for women are brilliant pathways to growth and success for not only the women themselves but for the nation as a whole. 

Women have proved to be great leaders in managing houses and families, that too, without having done any courses for the same. They have brought nothing but glory and a change for betterment in the corporate world too where some have been able to reach. The entire world is a witness of what women are capable of achieving if given proper guidance and support. This fact brings us to the evolution of leadership courses and programmes for women and how vital these programmes are. The cherry on the top is getting the opportunity to learn and grow in an all women college or setup where everyone works towards enhancement and growth of one  another. And only one such college comes to my head: The Vedica Scholars Programme for  Women. 

Priyanka Chopra’s response to Stephen Colbert when she was asked for her views on Kamala  Harris becoming the “first female, first South Asian and first African American” vice president  of the United States at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is quite commendable. “Coming  from a rustic like India, which has visible several girls in governance from top ministers  to presidents, you know, welcome to the club America is what I’ll say”, Priyanka Chopra  remarked. Such extraordinary examples are the ones that drive a woman’s aspirations to come upfront and show what she is capable of doing. 

One shouldn’t be trapped in someone else’s dream and working towards the improvement of  leadership skills gives a woman to escape that trap and conquer the different areas of work and  life by making the best use of her leadership abilities. 

What I call an eye-opening fact is that according to the IMP equal participation of women in the workforce will increase India’s GDP by 27 percent. This very fact highlights how significant it is to see more women taking up careers in the management and corporate world.  It is important for the holistic development of not only a woman but also the place she occupies.  Leadership programmes change one’s response to life and the approach to solve a problem and to take wise and informed decisions. 

A course like Vedica’s paves a pathway to growth and development through its multidisciplinary curriculum. It fills in and bridges the gap that our nation is void of right now taking every step focusing towards making the women tomorrow’s leaders. In today’s times, nothing, among the numerous reasons, would hold a woman back from taking the lead which, eventually, will help women to future generations to come forward and take charge of their  lives and their countries. 

They say, 

“Women are born leaders and they will rule regardless of where they are and what they do.”  And I cannot agree enough with that. That’s why leadership programmes for women are important and a must to have and pursue.

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