Why SEO Services Important for Your Business Growth?

Why SEO?

With the Internet growing larger each day (by the millions), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming the key to driving the most, direct traffic to your site. Astonish uses the most effective, Organic Search Engine Optimization techniques with natural keyword implementation.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Zebravo SEO Company London provides to involving fully optimized pages with natural keyword density, correct meta info, helping you build strong link partners and ultimately achieving a high Google Page Rank.

We will optimize your site for the keywords you want, as well as help you find good converting keywords to use.

How Our Search Engine Optimization Works

You can either send us a copy of your site or we can extract one for you from your server. Once we have received a copy of your site, we begin an SEO Analysis of your site. This involves comparing it to other high-ranking sites within your search terms. We will come up with a Search Engine Website Strategy for your site.

Search Engine Optimization usually begins with properly configuring the meta info, individually tailored for each separate page (for help with meta tags see tips). Meta tags tell search engine spiders about the content of the site, Title, Description, Keywords. If you need help building meta tags you can use our Meta Tag Builder, or contact us and we can send you a customized set.

SEO and Page Copy

After constructing the meta tags, we begin optimizing the pages on your website. This Rechewing of the keyword density and prominence throughout the pages of the site. Overstuffing can cause your pages to be penalized by engines and rank poorly. There are also many other areas of the site that are SEO optimized with keywords including h1, h2, h3 tags, comment tags, alt tags, etc…. this is all discussed in our tips section.

How much money does SEO cost?

Every site is different Pricing for Search Engine Optimization varies from site to site. Avoid SEO Companies with a one price fits all optimization. Do you really think they will devote the same resources to a site with 200 pages, as they would to a site with 10 pages for the same price?

The answer is NO!

How is Search Engine Optimization priced?

You will find that our Search Engine Optimization Services are very affordable for small, or new internet businesses. Factors that go into pricing include keyword competition, site size, page rank, established inbound links, link structure, etc…

When Will I See Results?

Initial SEO Optimization of your site will usually take 2-3 days. Once SEO Optimizations are complete your site will be hand submitted to every major search engine including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Ill-thewed, etc…. Your site will start appearing in minor engines (exact seek, etc…) within 1-5 days, within 2-3 weeks you will be listed in Yahoo, MSN, etc…

Google can take up to 2 months to get listed, due to their new Page Rank system. This system not only looks at search engine optimization but other elements that influence your sites ranking like, inbound/outbound links to your site, inclusion in other engines, age of the domain, etc.

Sites submitted to Google usually only get their home page indexed and all other pages get sandboxed, for about 2 months. By building links we can prevent this from happening.

SEO and Link Building

When two sites are identically optimized, links are the deciding factor to who ranks higher in the Search Engine Results Pages. A link represents a vote from one website to another, saying I like this site you should check it out.

How links affect Search Engine Optimization

Links play a main part in Search Engine Optimization. The more links you have the more important your site seems to search engines. In the past it was based on the sheer number of links to your site, now engine spiders are evolving and getting smarter at telling if links come from related content sites. Please see our Link Building Services section for more help.

When will link building start?

Once SEO Optimizations are complete and we have submitted your site, we will then start a vigorous link building campaign. We will obtain inbound links from websites with a high Page Rank, your keywords are used as the anchor text. We only collect links from sites with related content to yours and will never link out to sites that are not related or have less PR than yours.

When choosing a Search Engine Optimization Company

Choosing the right company to perform Search Engine Optimization on your site can make a world of difference. There are so many SEO Companies out there that kindly put, take your money. By reading the information we offer you, we hope you will be able to make the right decision when you choose an SEO Company.

Avoid SEO Companies that:

A good Search Engine Optimization Company is not a submission only service. Although most Online Marketing Companies include Search Engine Submission services as part of their package. Submission services that involve pay per click, are more in the area of search engine marketing, or SEM.

Avoid SEO/Online Marketing Services that submit your pages to 100,000’s of search engines and directories. There are not that many important search engines and directories on the Web and long-term results require more than just submissions.

Don’t rely on pay-per-click (PPC) and advertisements. Again, this resides more in the area of SEM and does not provide long term results. You should be paying Affordable SEO fees for Online Marketing Services, not extra dollars for click-throughs which can break the bank.

Be careful about an Online Marketing Company that claims to have special relationships with search engines, and guarantees you the top-ranking position within the most popular ones. For example, this is impossible with Google.

Be wary of companies that don’t supply you with specific information. A company that is secretive about what they do should be avoided. Avoid an SEO Services Company that requires you to install extra software that you can program with your specific keywords. Ultimately, you are responsible for the actions of any Search Engine Optimization Company you hire, so it’s best to be sure you know exactly how they intend to help you.

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